This is My Thesis, Man!

Duckz, League Champion South Oakland Ducks

During the offseason, a song from Jack White’s side project, Dead Weather, appeared in Eastbound and Down .

We need the first round of league dues paid by Feb 10th

Overall We’re looking at $200 to $220 per player.

Please get me at least $50 by the 10th

Send a check payable to Ben Gwin


Ducks Baseball

PO box 9181

PIttsburgh, PA


We should be around 200-220 per player this season.

No idea how the league meeting went. Guthrie and or Fago was in attendance.

Quack, Quack.

One thought on “This is My Thesis, Man!

  1. Hey. Just recently moved here from Dallas Texas and I am looking for a team. Recently got out of the military and would like to play. I sent in my application and registration fee. Please get in touch.


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