Gameday [3] Ducks at Hurricanes

2011 Ducks Baseball





Pie Traynor Field, North Park

The 2009 and  2010 league champions square off at a neutral site this evening, in the first of three games in five days.

We’re looking to get back into the swing of things here with a victory over a tough opponent.

South Oakland lost the last two meetings to the Hurricanes by a combined 75 runs or something.

Judging by the standings, both teams are limping out of the gate a bit.

Finally some sunshine. Hopefully monsoon season is over.

I’ll miss this one due to graduation.  After tonight, I’ll be a master, so says my degree. This means I’ll be one of the most educated food service workers in the city.

Fago’s running the show tonight.

Guthrie made it out of San Francisco alive.

Bad News for the Hurricanes.


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