Games 1 & 2 set to start Saturday 3pm, Woodland Hills.

2011 Ducks Baseball, Duckz, pittsburgh NABA

I’m sure right now fago is getting the rest of our stats up.

The Ducks have been part of the league since ’03, and now, the two shitty years in ’06 and ’07 are the odd ones out, as we’ve posted a winning record for four straight seasons.

Our empire is so strong we absorbed the Owlz, the only team to finish a regular season with a better record than Elliot’s 22-2 or whatever they went this year, in their first season in the league.

We’ll have a chance to be the first  team to repeat. I’m not sure anyone has appeared in two consecutive finals. Whatever, maybe the Warriors back in the day, or the Black Sox, maybe?

I’m pulling the for the Warriors in the Baseball Sub-division Championship series.


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