Back From Vacation

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

It’s hot in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico is green and surrounded by mosquitos…

Also, the Ducks lost 8-3 to the Black Sox last Monday. I was not in attendance, but it seems like a couple big errors did us in. The loss is very frustrating as we could have put ourselves in a situation where we only needed to win one of our two remaining division games against the cherokee and sox respectively.

We still control our own destiny, and are 1.5 games up on the Cherokee who are currently playing a scalding double header in Clinton against Cranberry.

They could drop one, stranger things have happened.

If they win both, they are half a game back and can clinch the division with a win against the Ducks on Wed.

South Oakland’s next game is a non-division contest against the Militia, Monday night, 9pm at Spring View Field.



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