Ducks Swept by Elliot: 5-4, 12-5. Season Over and Team Awards.

2012 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

 Ken Cool singled in 2 runs in the top of the sixth to put the Ducks ahead 4-3 after six.

TJ Morgan led off the top of the seventh with a double and we left him stranded.

Elliot drove in the winning run on a two-out single in the bottom of the seventh.


Game Two got ugly in the fourth. We led 1-0 and then they started hitting home runs. It got to 10-2 at one point, then they added two more in the top of the seventh. South Oakland scored three in the bottom of the seventh.


What we accomplished this year was to re-lay the foundation of a winning team. We literally stared in late January with five guys after the exodus to Clinton claimed most of the roster, and we put together a team that was just a couple pieces away.


Team Awards

MVP: James Fago

Offensive player of the year: Bobby Swartwout

Defensive player of the year: Dave Houseman

We have a solid nucleus for next season.

We’ll probably get a fall ball team together so be ready for that.




5 thoughts on “Ducks Swept by Elliot: 5-4, 12-5. Season Over and Team Awards.

  1. If not my most productive or interesting Ducks season ever, it was certainly the most fulfilling. Love playing with you guys, see you in Fall Ball or next season. I might not get any better, but I’ll look better playing bad and sign the “not going to be the catcher ever” clause in the contract. We could use a new field in my opinion, the Ducks stadium tax initiative is set to hit the state house soon, if those damn liberals in Harrisburg don’t stand in the way.


  2. Batting Helmets and All three bases in the trunk of my car. Would like to know when they are next needed for team activities, they go to winter storage, and once they go to winter storage, well, then if some one needs them I have to load them back into the car again. Routine mob hit last night brought attention to the fact they shouldn’t be in my trunk, luckily,the bastard wasn’t that big. Oops, said to much, you all better keep your bills shut. Quack!


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