Game Day 6: Ducks at Bombers

2014 South Oakland Ducks

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (3-2)


Allegheny Bombers (3-0)


Moore Park

The standings are now almost updated, basically. It’s the Bombers at the top, a bunch of teams in the middle with the Warriors and Senators still struggling to get into the win column.

The Ducks are coming off a frustrating walk-off loss the the WOLFPACK!!!


The Bombers swept the Monsters in a doubleheader last week, and apparently celebrate drone warfare and/or ted kaczynski.



South Oakland will be a down a few players tonight, but RBI collector, Matt Swetz is expected to make his return to the lineup after missing two games with a lower-body injury and closing bartending shifts.

South Oakland is undefeated when Swetz drives in a run.

blown away jeff bridges

Bad News for the Bombers.


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