Offseason Update, Misc. Ducks Happenings

2017 South Oakland Ducks, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball


Send in your league dues. Let your coach know if you need a new hat or jersey. Do this ASAP. We have nine awesome pairs of stirrups still unaccounted for, and guys who have paid their dues get first dibs.


The South Oakland Ducks welcome longtime reader, Larry Z’s favorite player and Gray Bats all time leader in slugging percentage, average, HRs, RBI and ground rule doubles, Mark Lombardi to the team. He joins former Gray Bats, Ben Sorosky and returning catcher Rob Galvanek on the 2017 Ducks. If Lombardi wants stirrups, he can have them as he has paid his dues for the season. This move will sure up the outfield and make up for the loss of Brendan Chartier in the lineup.

Related, the Spring Hill Scooter will be named the Brendan Chartier Memorial Spring Hill Scooter, as Brendan played for the Oilers and Ducks and has now retired. The one-game stint with the Oilers occurred this summer when a few of us joined BIG OIL for an exhibition against Kenyon College in Ohio. That was a fun time. Thanks to Zach Ciccone for the invite and the Oiler’s organization for putting it together. Chartier retires tied for second all time in Ducks post-season home runs (1). (Gwin, 2, McCray, Ken Cool, Scioscia, Koshzow, 1).

A nod to Pat DiPaola who retired after two solid seasons. We always had a chance to win when he pitched. Doc leaves tied for the all time lead in post-season ejections (1).

Pitcher, Randy Patten has given the Ducks a verbal commitment to return to South Oakland after a few seasons with the Black Sox and Oilers.

Ken Cool’s brother is trying to release him so he can come play for us.

DJ Dover looks to return full time after becoming an air traffic controller and missing the last 3/4 of 2016 with work commitments.

Number 55 is in the best shape of his life.

Still no word on our field permit situation.

That’s about it. Not much turn over from last year’s third place team.

So far we’ve won a title every seven years. Unbelievably this is our fifteenth season coming up, so we are due to win it all again.


2 thoughts on “Offseason Update, Misc. Ducks Happenings

  1. I ain’t dead yet so hook me up with some stirrups! I’m taking new steroids for my arthritis so please sync with Joe Giraffe so he knows why I have dirty pee. Also I haven’t broken a bat in like 7 months so life is good.



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