D is for Default: Ducks advance after multiple forfeits

2018 South Oakland Ducks


The Ducks will advance to face the Oilers in the first round of the playoffs, avoiding the play-in game thanks to their ability to show up. West View’s season-long collapse culminated in playoff ineligibility, and the Warriors were unable to get nine guys to show up this weekend.

West View’s forfeit granted the Oilers a bye into the tournament.

That changed the Ducks’ first round opponent from the Sorcerers to the Warriors, and moved the game from Friday night to 3pm Saturday so the winner could play the Oilers at 5:30 immediately following that game.

The Warriors would not have been able to field a team over the weekend.

Additionally, had the Warriors played a Friday night game and won against the Ducks, they would have then forfeited to the Oilers and the following day in the losers bracket on Sunday which would have fucked up everything.

The Ducks have not forfeited since 2013.




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