Ducks Lose. Cranberry 3, South Oakland 2


This was overall a really good game by both teams. I lost this one for us a few different ways.

Their catcher definitely dropped the ball when he tagged me at home, but I shouldn’t have run and deserved to be out. A bunch of other things could have gone differently, but this one is tough.

I haven’t been this upset about a loss this year. This is our second one-run loss to Cranberry in two games, and we wasted another good outing by our starting pitching. The hits have to start falling eventually.

Cranberry is now 9-1, while South Oakland falls to 6-7.

South Oakland’s next game is Friday, 8pm at Hershel Park. We play D2, and are the home team. This is a makeup of a rain out earlier in the season.



2 thoughts on “Ducks Lose. Cranberry 3, South Oakland 2

  1. Looks like a bunch of Grey Bats need to come out of retirement to save the Ducks season. Gwin’s Book Tour 2019 has taken a toll on the team overall…


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