Ducks Lose. Cranberry 6, South Oakland 3


South Oakland’s record is now 3-7 with a probable loss to the Eagles in a suspended game. This is really frustrating.

Cranberry had some good at bats, and several bloop hits. Billy pitched well and their guy did also.

Cranberry hit a two out popup behind first drop in for a foul ball, and then they scored two runs after that.

There was a missed throw from the catcher to the pitcher with a runner on second that let the runner advance and score on a ground ball hit that snuck through the drawn in infield.

I was probably out of position in left a few times. I don’t know. It’s tough with the tall grass, but they seemed to do ok.

Tom Pulice had 3 RBI.

Randy Patton went 2 for 3.

John Zuzak, Mike Brandt, and Jay White all reached safely for the Ducks.

South Oakland’s next game is Sunday, 4pm at Springview Field vs the Devils.

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