Gameday 10: Ducks at Cranberry


South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (3-6)


Cranberry (6-2-1)


Veteran’s Park of Cranberry (North Boundary Park)

The Ducks Sunday squad travels up 79 today to take on Cranberry in Cranberry. The last time these two teams played, Cranberry beat South Oakland at the Duck Pond in a game that came down to the final at bat.

Cranberry lost their last game to the resurgent South Hills Devils, and the Ducks defeated the North Park Senators. Recent history suggests another close game today. Sources tell me both teams are short handed.

Here’s a link to the Cranberry Blog. Solid work as always up there. I can relate to not spelling Piranhas right on the first time, ever.

It seems like vacation season is happening earlier this year. It’s certainly hit us harder sooner than usual. Having to scramble for guys and putting together a patchwork lineup is one thing I don’t miss about managing. I think this affects older teams more as family responsibilities pile up. I could be wrong.

At some point, availability just turns into an excuse, and it’s really tiring to keep talking about it. Everyone deals with it. We should be able to win with a couple backups playing. We have good enough pitching and in many cases it’s our starters not hitting. It’s been a really tough year attendance wise for a number of reasons. Some are excusable and some aren’t. Weekends are brutal for us. We’ve added a couple guys to hopefully remedy this situation going forward.

Our history with the big roster started after forfeiting a playoff game to the Black Sox in 2004. We won game one of the semis handily, then there was a rain out and a rescheduled game that turned into a forfeit somehow. Then we played with seven guys and Craig Boley in game 3 and lost. The Sox won the title that year. We were robbed.

We can still go on a run. The playoffs are what matter, and as long as we have a shot at the top five, we need to win games to give ourselves the best chance to get to the semi finals. I like our odds in a series with our staff. There are some models out there that have high odds of us facing Cranberry in the second round.

Ten years ago I’d have photo shopped this to say Ducks with our pitcher’s names

Billy is throwing for us today, and hopefully we have the infielders to rotate our closer in if there is a save situation. I like our chances in a close game. We are due to pull one out in the last inning against these guys.

Bad news for Cranberry

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