sometimes it rains


I don’t remember a season with more rain-outs. With Saturday’s Rakers game washout, we now have played three games, and had four postponed due to weather, including the suspect Rebels’ game cancellation which should go into the books as a forfeit W for the Ducks.

Tonight’s home game against the Oilers is scheduled to commence as planned; 9:00 pm at Springview Field in Pittsburgh’s scenic North Side. If it doesn’t rain the game will be the Ducks first in over a week. South Oakland has a chance to get back to .500
2-2 is a lot better than 1-3.
Either Guthrie or Homa will start tonight.

Either way, it’s gonna be bad news for the Oilers.

The Hebrew Oilers is the fictional team for which Roy Hobbs played before being signed by the New York Knights in The Natural.

Hats off to the Oilers front office for coming up with a pretty clever team name, and for going with the sweet 1980’s Edmonton Oilers logo, instead of the Oilers logo of the “Houston” variety.

The logo on the right is clearly cooler than the one on the lower left.


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