Ducks-Phantoms home and home series starts tonight


The Phantoms (0-1) were originally the Rangers. When Pittsburgh NABA great, Justin Newman, left the team to pursue employment opportunities elsewhere, he took the “Rangers” name and team colors with him. Now they are named after the Philadelphia Flyers’ AHL affiliate, thanks to head coach Don Stetzer. I give that a sarcastic, “way to go, Donny”.
Although the Phantoms are now able to wear Pirates hats as part of their uniform.
I’m curios how the Penguins’ Stanley Cup Finals game will impact player attendance at the game this evening. The Penguins will win whether we watch them or not. it’s not like it’s game seven. I’m as upset about the scheduling as anyone.–The proof is in my ridiculous playoff beard.
The Ducks play the Phantoms tonight at 9pm and again this Saturday at 5pm. We will see their ace at least once in these next two games, although I’m not sure who that is. That Malone kid is now on the Warriors, they have Don and their catcher, whose name escapes me, also pitches– he is the Pittsburgh NABA’s all-time leader in fighting ejections (2). My best game against Stetzer was a in 2006, 3-4 2B, HR, 4RBI. He throws strikes.

Monongahela Division Update
The Owls beat the Oilers 10-0 on Saturday, after losing to the Eagles 13-8 on Thursday.
Blacksox 4-0 —
Rebels 1-0 1.5
Eagles 2-3 2.5
Rakers 1-2 2.5
Owls 1-2 2.5
Ducks 1-3 3.0

The Ducks are due to break out offensively.
Smith is starting for South Oakland tonight.

Quack, Quack


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