Ducks drop nailbiter to Blacksox

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Blacksox 15-Ducks 1, five innings.

Despite catching a double header over the course of three innings, it doesn’t even feel like I just played a baseball game, I’m just sore and frustrated and anxious to play on Monday.
Blacksox pitcher Luke Demsey retired the first three Ducks in order to start the game, and then the Blacksox scored 9 runs in a surreal bottom of the first on the strength of seven Ducks errors and four walks by Ducks starter Adam Smith.
It was a bad omen when the normally accurate Smith, walked whomever hits lead-off for the Blacksox, then when I threw him out stealing second he was called safe. Then I got crossed up on a pitch and he stole third on the past ball. I should have caught it.
I’m pretty sure the only two Ducks who didn’t make an error were CF Eric Lee, and pitcher Adam Smith.
KT Murphy made a play on the only ball hit to him at second base, he also reached on a 6-4 fielders choice, in which the BSOX second baseman was probably off the base.
Guthrie and Lee also had the only two hits of the game for the Ducks. Although I’m 99% certain I would have beaten-out that one I hit up the middle even if the guy fielded it cleanly. Also Garrett’s shot to short stop might have been ruled a hit, but overall we were dominated, we were two-hit. Was it closer than the score indicated? not really. we were awful, but we will get better.
Demsey is a solid pitcher, and the Blacksox only commited two or three errors, while the Ducks were somewhere in double digits. The right side of the infield was atrocious.
I have no idea what POV to use in this blog.
The Blacksox started to hit Smith hard after the Ducks pitcher had to labor through a couple innings in which he was let down by his defense. Both of those innings were the top of the first.
Guthrie tripled in the only run of the game for the Ducks in the bottom of the second, with no outs, and naturally was stranded on third to end the inning. We couldn’t have had more than two more runners in scoring position all game.
Eric Lee singled, and flew out deep to center to end the game.
This looked dishearteningly familiar. No more.
Reasons for Optimism

  • We get to play baseball all summer
  • This was the first game of the year, and aside from the nine runs in the first inning of our first game it wasn’t terrible.
  • Eric Lee showed up out of the blue and played a great game in center field.
  • Guthrie hit a triple.
  • Those two guys weren’t here for almost all of last season, and will help quite a bit.
  • We were missing about five guys, and TC had to patch a lineup together tonight.
  • Chirs Roth is probably the team’s best hitter, while is arm is shot, he may be able to DH and hit bombs. When he finds out McCray played with a broken leg, maybe he will be more apt to show up on Monday night.
  • From what I could tell, everyone played hard and stayed upbeat, despite getting slaughtered. I bolded that because it’s the most important, I think. Still let’s try to be upbeat and play hard when we are winning by twelve.
  • Brett Pusateri (sp.) and I will start hitting. Statistically we are two of the best hitting, returning Ducks, along with Roth. We were 0-4 combined tonight. That will change. This was the worst opening day I’ve had at the plate since ’03. My best opening day, ’04: 3-3 with a 3 run HR and two singles, we won 4-0. I am going to go over some old tape of my swing and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Brett hit the ball hard both times he was up, lacing one foul in the first before grounding out, and grounding out in the second on a hard hit ball to second. Brett also made…

The play of the game
Some guy on the Blacksox was up and Adam Smith threw an inside fastball which overpowered the batter, breaking the guys bat, the splintered bathead twirled ahead of the ball right at Brett who was charging the slow roller, he then nimbly leaped over the bat, gloved the ball on the run and gunned the runner out at first. The ump was still looking at the bat and Brett in awe, and inexplicably called “safe.”
The best play of the game for us was an infield hit by the other team.

Of Note: Adrew Mcray played with a torn ligament in his knee, and saved a run when he leaped for a ball I tried to throw into right field.

Ducks’ Home Opener
Ducks vs. Eagles, Monday night at Springview Field, deep in Pittsburgh’s scenic North-Side.
1-1 is a lot better than 0-2.

I guess we should be called “The South Oakland Ducks of the North Side”.
Rolls off the tung, doesn’t it?

Rookie Manager, Theodore-Cobblepot Jones, will right the ship. He did a good job of setting an example by sitting out for most of the game. He also allowed only one run in relief.
We still haven’t practiced much, and this is what happens when we don’t practice.
Everyone has different schedules, let’s all try to find two other guys who work the same hours and workout on our own as much as we can. I will give you baseballs with which to practice.

Speaking of which, I’ll be at the Pitt field at 6 on Monday before the Eagles’ game.

Bad news for the Eagles.


Ducks, Pitcher start out slowly


Is there a team as bad as the Pittsburgh Pirates? Is there a pitcher as putrid as Matt Morris? Well, you may not have to look too far in order to answer those questions. Tonight, the Ducks got their season off to a slow start by receiving a 13-1 beat down by the Brookline Black Sox. Pitcher Adam Smith gave up 6 walks, 2 bean balls, numerous hits, countless runs and even took a shot to the schnoz during his 3 innings of work. It seemed like Smith was trying to do his best impersonation of ex-Pirates starter Matt Morris and he was spot on in his performance with the exception of having ten million dollars in his back pocket. One game does not define a team or a pitcher, especially the first game of the season but with the high expectations coming into this season from Ducks management, this first game was a colossal disaster. I caught up to the struggling starting pitcher after the game to gauge his mood after what transpired.
“Obviously I’m disappointed in my performance and in the result of the game but I feel like my past speaks for itself and shows that I can be a decent pitcher in this league.” Smith stated.
“I want to apologize to my teammates for my performance tonight and I hope that they haven’t lost their confidence in me. Coach Jones showed a lot of faith by starting me on opening night and I feel that I let him down. I can’t wait until I can get back on that mound again and prove to him, as well as the rest of the team, that tonight’s performance was a fluke. Our team is hungry and we are pissed off about tonight’s performance…..I feel bad for the next opponent that we have to face.”
So is there a team as bad as the Pittsburgh Pirates or a pitcher as putrid as Matt Morris? Maybe, but there has never been a team with as much heart and desire as the South Oakland Ducks.

Stay tuned for a great season.