Ducks Bulldogs, 6pm Avenworth High School Field

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

The Bulldogs are wounded; Last season’s Allegheny Division winners are currently mired in 4th place, owners of an apologetic 4-7 record. They’ve suffered injuries, but still have plenty of good ball players.
The Bulldogs set their rotation to have their ace pitch last Wednesday, against the Rebels and they did us a favor by shutting down the Confederate Army. They also beat the Phatoms 2-1 yesterday. A victory today would solidify their hold on the last playoff spot in the Allegheny.
The Ducks (5-7-1) look to ride the momentum of yet another one-run victory.
When the dust settles after this weekend’s Monongahela Division games, the Ducks could find themselves half a game out of third place, if they win tonight.
We’ll see who shows up today, but at this point in the season we have to expect to be short-handed. Players have been stepping up, Coach Jones has done a great job putting players in position to succeed.

The League President is on the Bulldogs, he chose to play the Ducks twice this season, who can blame him after our inept 2007 campaign.

Around the Monongahela Division:
The Rebels surrendered to the Matadors yesterday.
Unfortunately, the Ducks find ourselves rooting for the Black Sox the sweep the Rakers.
The Eagles(6-6) lost to the OwlZ yesterday.

Bad News for the Bulldogs.

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