Ducks mid-season report

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland(5-8-1) has one game before the July 2nd, All-Star break.( Monday 9pm against the Rebels). Due to a recent slump in which the Ducks have lost for of five, by an average of two runs per game, the team finds itself on the cusp of elimination. With ten games remaining (eight against Monongahela Division teams), South Oakland still has a chance to go on a run and sneak into the post-season.

The Ducks’ next two games are against the Rebels and Oilers respectively, the Ducks lost 5-4 to the Rebels, and 3-2 to the Oilers in the team’s previous match-ups.

The Black Sox (10-3) and the OwlZZ (10-2) are running away with the Monongahela Division.
The battle for third place and the final playoff spot is still wide open, the Rakers and the Eagles are tied for third with the Ducks 1.5 games out of the playoffs.

To clinch a playoff spot, the Ducks will have to overtake the Rakers (8-8) and the Eagles, (6-6), with two games remaining against the Rakers, and one more game against the Eagles, the Ducks have a chance to accomplish this feat. South Oakland is 1-1 against the Eagles, and 0-1 against the Rakers this season.
It has been a frustrating first half. The Ducks have yet to put their best nine players on the field at the same time. On the bright side, the players who have shown up and played have improved significantly, this could leave the Ducks with a solid bench when the starters return to action.

My official endorsement for Nick Homa, Mark Guthrie and Chris Wojoton to be named as reserves for the All-Star Game.

Ducks Leaders (not including stats from the Bulldogs’ game)

Batting Avg.: Ben Gwin .407, Jesse Smith .385 (three tied at .333)
HR: J. Smith, Ryan Novak, Chris Wojoton, (1)
Triples: Guthrie, 1
RBI: Gwin 8, J. Smith, 7, Mark Guthrie 6
Slg. J.Smith .692, Novak .583, Guthrie .571
HBP: Guthrie, Gwin, J.Smith (3)
SB: Gwin 5, Garrett Moore 3

Wins: Homa, 2
ERA: Guthrie 1.50, Homa 3.62
SO: Homa 42, A.Smith 13
Saves: Homa, 2

Facial Hair: Coby Kolaja.

The Ducks’ single season strike out record is 56 by Ian Dickman in 2004, Homa has a chance to shatter that mark.

In 2007, the Colorado Rockies won 14 of their last 15 games to win the NL Wild Card

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