Ducks Rakers, Sunday, 3pm, Pie Traynor Field.

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

I’d like to implore the Ducks to plan some recreational activities for this evening which will not have an adverse effect on their performance in the game tomorrow afternoon.
Drink six beers, not sixteen. Stay up till 1am, not 11am. Everyone’s different; whatever you can handle and still go 4-4 with three doubles.
Read the comments on this post if you haven’t allready

Monongahela Division Round-up, and the last Rakers’ pre-game post.
Thank you, coach Eberle, for putting this web address on your site. Classy move from a guy who has done a good job bringing stability to the Knights/Orioles/Knights/Rakers.

Maybe someone will cut the outfield grass for the game tomorrow.The Rakers play the Confederacy today. The Rebels have had trouble getting enough soldiers onto the battlefield, and are in danger of being dissolved into the NABA Union, as per the “three-forfeit rule” established during the winter meetings. When the Rebels have their best players, they are a formidable opponent.

The worst case scenario, a Rakers win today, would put the Ducks a full game behind the Rakers in the race for the last playoff spot. Since we will most likely finish with fewer games played than the Rakers, it is absolutely imperative we take the game tomorrow.
The resurgent Eagles (8-9) have two games at hand on both the Rakers and the Ducks. They have four games left on their schedule (Rebels, Phantoms, Warriors, Black Sox) as of now they will finish with 22 games played.
If nothing changes, the Rakers (9-9) will finish with 23 games played, two battles against the Rebels, a game against the Hurricane-Carters, and two vs. the Ducks.
South Oakland (8-9-2) has two games vs. the Rakers, and a Monday night home game vs. the red hot Bulldogs. The Ducks are scheduled to finish with 22 games.

We have to win, and get some help against the Eagles, (I’m looking at you Warriors). The Rakers are in the same position.

All-star Brian Strom, celebrates the fact his team doesn’t play the Owlz three times a year
(I told you the bulletin board material was coming, there will be more)

Sub-plots upon sub plots…
The Ducks probable starter for Sunday is Engineer, and right handed pitcher, Mark Guthrie, former Knight. Jeremy Barchie is the only traitor Duck to leave South Oakland for another team, he left to play on the Knights.
It is likely Barchie and Guthrie will square off against each other, and their former teams tomorrow.
Last season, the Ducks beat the Knights and Barhcie 4-0. A.Smith pitched a shutout. The Ducks swept the Kinghts last year. Theses are not the same Knights, they are now the Rakers and have sweet uniforms.
I miss hitting against Knight’s pitcher,”Fats” McGraw, or whatever his name is.
The Rakers beat the Ducks 4-1 early this season, in a game Rick actually hit a double, and Chris Roth made his only appearance of the season. (he’s hurt pretty bad)
The Ducks roster was just taking shape at that point.
South Oakland has done very well in rematches this season.

keep winning

Bad news for the Rakers

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