Down to the wire

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

No Games on Thursday or Friday. The Ducks next game is Saturday, 12pm at Pie Traynor Field, vs. the Rebels.

It is likely we will play a double header on Sunday, at Avonworth High School. One of the games will be at 2:30pm vs. The Rakers.

The other game of the double header will be against either the Bulldogs, or Black Sox. As of now, it appears the Rakers will finish with at least one more game than the Ducks, even if we play two on Sunday. Not sure how that will effect playoff seeding.

Wild Card Race
Remaining Schedules:

Rakers (11-10 -yesterday’s Rebels’ game yet to be posted) remaining schedule, Hurricanes, Ducks.

Ducks (9-9-2): Rebels, Rakers, (plus one)

Eagles(9-10) Warriors, Oilers, Phantoms, Black Sox

Sorry if I added to the schedule confusion, Ducks. These have been confusing times.

I was warming up Nick during the bottom of the sixth of our 8-4 victory over the Rakers, and I did not report the order of events correctly. Here’s what actually happened:

Bottom 6 score tied 3-3. McCray doubled, Homa sacrificed, but wound up with an infield hit when their pitcher slipped (I think you have to score that a hit, right?) then they intentionally walked A.Smith to load the bases for KT, who singled through the drawn-in left side of the infield. 4-3 Ducks. Then Spagnola singled up the middle, 5-3 Ducks. Moore came to the plate and drove in a run with an RBI ground-out. 6-3 Ducks. Eric Lee came up with runners on second and third and doubled to left, driving in two runs. 8-3 Ducks, after six.

With three games in two days, it is possible Jesse Smith will give us a couple quality innings this weekend, giving him a chance to lead the team in OBP, SLG, AVG., HR, and ERA, WHIP, and strikeouts per innings pitched. That would be Ruthian. He probably won’t meet the minimum requirements to earn the pitcher of the year award, though. {Segue}

Here is my official, only slightly biased, endorsement of Nick Homa(4-3-1) for Pitcher of the Year. Or maybe MVP, he is hitting .368, with solid power numbers in limited action at the plate.

Homa’s pitching stats, IP: 52 , K: 63, ERA: 3.10, 1 save

Suffered one-run losses to the Bulldogs, and Oilers, the tie was a nine inning, 5-5 game against the Owlz.
Has three more strikeouts than Fago. Quack.

Also, I think the league should have a coach of the year award, and it should go to either Don Henley of the Eagles, Grounds Keeper Willie of the Rakers, or TC “Buttermaker”Jones of the Ducks, which ever team makes sneaks into the last playoff spot. (With consideration to Craig McTavish of the Oilers. )

James Fago, Z-men, has 27 RBI. Friend of the Ducks’ outfielder, Jim Spina, Owlz, has stolen 21 bases. Impressive numbers. Brendan Malone, Warriors, is hitting .767-not too shabby (who’s keeping the book over there, Heckman?).

Ducks Leaders:
Batting Avg. Jesse Smith, .500, Ben Gwin, .440, Chris Wojoton, .375
Doubles: Andrew McCray, Ben Gwin (4) [McCray has hit four doubles in half the at bats it has taken Gwin ] Chris Wojton, Mark Guthrie, (3)
Triples: Speed Demon, Mark Guthrie, 1
HR: J.Smith, Chris Wojton, Ryan Novak, (1)
RBI: Gwin 18, J. Smith 11, McCray 9
OPS: J.Smith 1.389 (sick)
SB: Gwin, 8, Garrett Moore, 5, KT. Murphy, Chris Wojton (3).
HBP: J.Smith, 5, Gwin, 4, Guthrie, McCray (3)

Wins: Homa, 4, Guthrie, 3, A.Smith, TC Jones, (1)
Ties: Guthrie, Homa, (1)
IP: Homa, 52 A.Smith 31, Guthrie, 30
K’s: Homa, 63, A.Smith 21
ERA: Guthrie 2.75, Homa, 3.10
Hit Batsmen: Jones, 1

I wonder if Larry would be so kind as to fill us in on the outcome of the Rebels, Rakers game last night. The Rebels are a tough team if they have all their players, we lost to them once this season, when they had eight players, and we did not take the out in the ninth spot in the order. We also did not hit the ball into the outfield enough to take advantage of their two outfielders. Although if I had to play with only two OF, Stell and Tremmel would be as solid a pairing as any not found on the Ducks. E.Lee and Campbell/Wojton/Kolaja, would be deadly, in fact we might want to consider going to a five infielder format and doing this on purpose.

Abner Doubleday: Union General, Creator of Baseball.
Not a fan of Rebels

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