Duck Flies North? The mother of all bulletin board material

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
Traded to the Dodgers
We’ll miss you, Andy.

Sad News from Ducks Headquarters
SS/2B Andrew McCray is flying south for the late summer, so far south he will traverse the globe and land back home in Erie, PA. The poor Pittsburgh job market has robbed the Ducks of another middle infielder. The same thing happened in 2005 when original Duck #2, SS, Craig Pelat left for Tennessee to find employment.
McCray is one of the best infielders I’ve ever played alongside. He was always positive, kept things light. He got fired up to play baseball in a good way.

Birds of a Feather

I know McCray would be fired up about this bit of second hand information:
According to all-star pitcher, Duck-on-the-Fence, Ben Sorosky, a conversation similar to this occurred between Ben and Owlz coach Rob Cool:

Rob: I hear[from the Ducks blog] your deciding between the Ducks and the Rakers next season.
Ben: yes
Rob: Well, if you’d like to play on a
Championship caliber team, maybe you would consider playing for me on the Owlz next season.
Ben: no
Rob: why not? we have sweet uniforms and are the only team in the league with a “z” in our team name. (
this may not have been said) Plus we won the championship
Ben: Because I’d rather play on a team who beats them, quack, quack. (
Sorosky may or may not have quacked upon rejecting Rob Cool’s offer)

the Owlz front office has been busy headhunting the best players from around the league. We will see some of them in the Owlz vs. Blues scrimmage on Sunday, 5pm at John Herb Field.
With all the new Owlz next season, logic would dictate a few displaced members from the 2008 championship squad.

Birds of a feather are flocking…

Fago, fly with us.


Happy Birthday, Coby


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