Ducks, Owlz, and Chickens

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Only two Owlz made it to yesterday’s scrimmage vs. the Blues, which turned out to be a glorified intra-squad with several Ducks taking part in the game. Jesse Smith, Ryan Novak and Eric Lee practiced with the Blues, who have tenured Jesse Smith an offer to travel to Virginia with the team. Novak is unavailable to play in the tournament, because of academic responsibilities. Is Andrew McCray’s knee up to the trip over labor day weekend, (Aug. 30-Sept. 1)? He’d help the team.

The Blues thank Rob Cool for his efforts in rounding up the Owlz, many of whom backed out at the last minute. The Blues may face the Owlz at some point before the Blue-Grey Classic in Viginia.

Thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday, it was a solid practice.

The framework of the Ghostbusters’ fall ball roster was laid out last night. Head coach Ben Gwin was unable to draft as many Ducks as he wanted, due to rules mandating the players who had already paid be taken first.

2008 Avalon Ghostbusters of the North Hills

Head Ghostbuster, Ben Gwin, C, 1b, OF

Dan Morgan, P, Bulldogs
BJ Rankin P, inf., Bulldogs
Adam Smith, P, inf. Ducks
Vinny Gala, 1b, SS, Bulldogs
Garrett Moore, of, C, Ducks
——–Free Agents——-

The Ghostbusters are still looking to add to their already dominant roster. Spots are still available on all NABA fall ball teams. Tell your friends.
signup here: Fall Ball eslu(new Date(“August 14, 2008 08:04 PM”), ‘new’, 7);

Howlin’ Wolf has forgotten more about the Blues than Jim Morrison ever knew.

Go Blues

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