2008 Final Awards Travesty!

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Despite the swell of support and campaigning from the Ducks blog, Nick Homa finished second in the Pitcher of the Year voting to the Oilers’ Jason Ashcroft. While Ashcroft is a deserving candidate, who lead the league in ERA with a lights out 1.40 mark, he had 20 fewer strikeouts than Homa, and played in a weaker division. Homa came in second by two votes, he led the league with 76 strikeouts, (75 officially)

Ashcroft and Homa are teammates on the Pittsburgh Blues

Others recieving POY votes, Jeremy Barchie, James Fago, and “Duck on the Fence” Ben Sorosky. Sorosky has pledged allegiance to the Ducks should the Rakers fold (Larry, you can join us). If the Rakers do not fold it will take a solid counter offer by the Ducks to lure the all-star pitcher from Cyrila Landscaping and their sweet uniforms.
Negotiations will officially start during the winter meetings.

Ducks off season re-acquisition, Jeremy Barchie, has guaranteed the 2009 Pitcher of the Year Award. To Paraphrase an earlier quote by Barchie,
I’m returning to my former team, and I’m taking the Pittsburgh NABA Cy Young..”

A Freudian slip by Blues manager Joe Graff occurred last night at practice when he referred to Blues’ pitchers, Mark Guthrie and Ben Sorosky as “Ducks”.

Another mind numbing debacle is the persistent absence of a Manager of the Year Award.
TC Jones is the unofficial 2008 Manager of the Year.

Ducks blog did help secure the MVP Award for the Owlz James Fago.

Congrats, James, there is always a spot for you on the Ducks.

Join us next post for a recap of some bold smack-hooting by Owlz manager Rob Cool, who dismisses the possibility entirely of any other team challenging for next season’s title. I will take remarks I heard second hand entirely out of context, in order to make the statement sound worse than it may have been. Fast51ball can help iron out any mistakes.
Cool led the Owlz to a championship in their first year of existence, he is a fierce competitor who will go to any lengths to strengthen his team. I was a little bit like him when I was his age. I admire his confidence, but anyone who has read any Shakespeare knows too much hubris can lead to one’s demise

Congratulations to this season’s award winners, many of whom I will have the privilege of playing alongside in the Blue Grey Tournament in Virginia.


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