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Text message from South Oakland Ducks’ head coach TC “Buttermaker” Jones, received by Ducks’ blogger and founder Ben Gwin– “Christian [Necheff] wants to be a Duck!”

If this holds true the rest of the league is Ducked next season.

Potential rotation listed in chronological order of hopefully heartfelt commitment.

Sorosky–c’mon, Benny it will be grand.


This is in addition to the Ducks’ acquisition of infielders Tony Casale and Mike Watson–both are sick.


Bring on the Owlz

Rumor has it the Black Sox may have another off-shoot next year, and radical realignment is expected.

The Ghostbusters Ace Dr. Dan “Venkman” Morgan will take on the Crush and new Duck Christian Necheff tomorrow during the second game of the double header.

Game one vs. the Gray bats will be a coin flip (maybe literally) between A. Schwartz and A. Smith to see who gets the start. the other will follow in relief.

Back to my grad school applications.


2009 Team of Destiny


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