Game 5: A Disturbance on the 12th Floor: Ghostbusters, Morgan, dominate Gray Bats, 10-0

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

I’d better post this before i forget the game entirely…

Highlights of the Ghostbusters first defeat of the Gray Bats

The Ghostbusters avenged an early season 6-5 defeat at the hands of the Gray Bats in grand fashion. Dr. Dan “Venkman” Morgan pitched a complete game shutout, and was the beneficiary of timely hitting and solid defense behind him, as the Avalon Ghostbusters beat the Gray Bats 10-0 in five innings, though the game unofficially ended in a 13-2 victory after seven innings.

Morgan: “You better bring your A-Game this week ‘Bats”

Morgan worked out of trouble in the first inning, stranding Bats on second and third, and would later entice his Bulldogs rotation mate, Bats SS, BJ Rankin to ground into an inning ending double play. Morgan stopped a rally before it could start; picking-off an absent minded Gray Bat who had his head down after reaching on an infield hit in the third.

The Ghostbusters started the game with O.C. players Joe Graff, and Patrick in the corner outfield spots. Patrick and Graff added speed to the bottom of the lineup, and Patrick would score th Ghostbusters first run of the game on a stolen base and an error. The 1-0 lead was all Avalon would need on that day, but they would add 9 insurance runs. The offense finally came alive.

Watson and Casale each had two hits. And anchored strong infield play behind Venkman.

Gwin broke his one-for-the fall slump with a single and an RBI.

Vinny Gala ripped a two RBI single to left after refusing to take first base when plate umpire, awarded him first base on an apparent hit-by-pitch.

In the third inning, Garrett Moore finally arrived with Alex Schwartz.

Scwartz promptly drove in 2 runs with an RBI single.

Moore would go 1-2 and reach on an error after long night of busting ghosts, casued him to over- sleep.

  • The Ghostbusters are now 2-3 with a chance to get over .500 for the first time this season with the impending sweep of this week’s double header.
  • Why is that one guy on the Gray Bats so angry all the time? the second baseman/Right fielder, relax. Someone needs to destroy him if they get the chance to break up a double play, then maybe he will have something to scowl and cry about.
  • BJ’s fiance and Joe Graff are both jealous after Rankin made me his woman in the first game, I went 0-5 with 4k’s in a guest appearance for the OC, causing me to question my existence.
  • This week the Ghostbusters will probably get 4 innings of Rankin (above right, with “friend and teammate” Joe Graff ) and three innings of Alex Warren for the first game of the doubleheader.
  • Why was Warren left in that game for seven innings? He’s a competitor and a good pitcher, but at he must have thrown around 150 pitches, too many for a fall league game, especially the last two innings that didn’t even count.
  • Watson pitched a scoreless phantom sixth innin, and Casale allowed two runs in the unofficial seventh inning
  • the game ended on a sweet play by Adam Smith, who played a solid, aggressive game at 3rd base after being inexplicably pushed into outfield duty for most of the season.
  • Eric P. had solid game behind the plate, and after moving to the outfield, threw out a runner at second base in the seventh.
  • We need bats.
  • The Ghostbusters won despite playing without Adalino, The Keymaster, who is 5 for 9 on the season.
rumor has it there was a bear in his apartment.

Let’s win two this weekend.


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