Ghostbusters vs. Gray Bats: October 4, 11:30am, Pie Traynor Field

pittsburgh NABA
Last Week the Gray Bats beat the Ghostbusters 6-5, thanks to two seven inning runs and a stellar effort by BJ Rankin.

Rankin and life partner Joe Graff fight evil. See video .

The Avlon Ghostbusters of the North Hills look to rebound from last week’s heart breaker against the O.C. when they take on the Gray Bats this Saturday. A scheduling glitch has allowed teh Ghostbusters consecutive late games, which is just fine. Ironically and perhaps fitting, the schedule maker plays on the Orange Crush. and will play 9am games back to back weeks.

Enjoy the extra hours of sleep.

Read about the Orange Crush’s double header last week, written by a former paid journalist.

The Crush team reporter cheats and uses the score book as a reference, he has a thing for journalistic integrity.

I hope the MLB playoffs will be on network TV, so non-cable owning schmucks like myself will be able to take in some of the action.

I’m pulling for a Dodgers vs. Rays World Series.
I would have liked the Twins to win last night, funny how Minnesota is able to put a winning product on the field while the Pirates, who play in a similar market, have subjected their fans to 16 years of irrelevant baseball. This time of year always remind me how painful it is to support a team run by a front office that has no desire to give its fans a taste of October baseball.

More unsubstantiated Ghostbusters 3 rumors, allegedly Bill Murray is on board, and the script will be written by the guys who write The Office.
Could be worse.


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