Winter Meetings, Off-Season Frost

pittsburgh NABA

The first round of Winter Meetings will take place Sunday November 23rd, at noon.

Sunday, November 23rd.

here is the official transcript of the email the league president sent to team representatives and other interested parties.
I have to work all day and can’t make it.

12:00 (noon) – 1:00pm – Be on Time, and we leave on time. I’m starting at noon!
Dave Kirilloff’s Baseball Training Academy

6522 Steubenville Pike
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

412 788-7800
  • Open 2009 Executive Positions
  • 2009 Budget Information
  • 2009 Permit Information
  • Announcement of Winter Indoor Partnershipss & League Discounts
  • 2009 Divisional Format Discussion / League Growth (45 minutes)
We will wrap this discussion in January of 2009, when I will make my final decision on this. This is the meeting to attend to get your thoughts and opinions heard!

A solid idea for realignment was proposed by Ben Sorosky, of the expansion Gray Bats.
His idea was just to keep everything as it is, (no A and AA divisions) but to simply pull all the team names out of a hat and align the divisions accordingly. Sounds good to me, no hurt feelings and it would give every one a chance to play some different teams more often.

The Reality of the situation is the best way to level the playing field would be to put all the league’s players in the free agent pool and have a draft among the team managers, perhaps protecting a few players on current rosters like the expansion draft. This would never fly, though. I (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) wouldn’t want to lose the teammates I’ve had for the past few seasons, and OwlZ manager, Rob Cool would probably shit himself if his roster of Mexican Winter League players, and local American Legion all-stars was compromised.

For better or worse, recruiting, and luck (in drafting unknown players, or in running into a random guy who used to pitch in the minors) are as imprtant as anything and managers and teams that are the best connected to good players have the most success. This greatly impacts the experience of new players entering the league, guys who want to play are randomly placed on a team and how well their abilities and outlook on the game mesh with that of their coach and teammates dictates how much they enjoy the league.

It’s important everyone is on the same page, not everyone wants to win at all costs, and not everyone wants to take a turn on the bench in the name of getting all the players in the game some of whom may not be very good, but deserve every opportunity to play.

Managers need to communicate with incoming players to make sure everyone is satisfied with the direction and make-up of their team.

There will be teams that don’t have a chance of winning their divisions, or a championship because they simply don’t have the firepower. The Ducks were in this situation for a couple of years and it was brutal.

Anyway, the league is in the best shape of its life, and I’m glad to be a part of it. To have been around from its inception and see it flourish around me has been somewhat surreal.

I still think it is important to cater to the players who wouldn’t be able to play anywhere else, mostly because of my own situation and increased responsibilities which do not allow me to practice as much as I’d like. I’ve always been a grinder who has relied on working harder, and playing harder than anyone else to succeed. I can’t control my natural abilities or lack thereof, but I can control how hard I work, how many reps I take in the cage, etc.–That’s my cliche for the day.

Sarah Connor Chronicles Update…

I love Sci-Fi and Satire, and time travel stories, the Terminator Series is wonderful in its almost campy perpetuation of the Terminator story, which acts as if the ill-advised terminator III movie never occurred.

Anyway, after a solid first season, the plot has slowed to a crawl. John Connor is about to have sex with the hot, female terminator, and the episode two weeks ago that attempted a rather po-mo, Pulp Fiction-esque story telling of a trip to Mexico of whatever it was, didn’t quite work.

Things better start coming together; what’s up with that chick form the future who is probably a saboteur, and is doing John’s uncle from the future. How long before the ex-FBI agent realizes the red head is a robot, and why all the dream sequences, seriously.

The last six episodes seem to be recycling the obvious theme of blurring the line between the robots and humans, and John Conner’s coming of age story and his struggle to be a normal kid and the savior of the world at the same time. I get it, now perpetuate the plot in a timely manner if you please.


I’m reading Something Happened, by Joseph Heller. It is terrific.

Quack, Quack.

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