Ducks News and the first Pittsburgh NABA Team Previews

2009 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Ducks, get your league dues into TC Jones.

$50 now, $50 by sometime in March.

Dr. Theodore “Indiana” Jones

434 South Graham St. Apt. #4
Pittsburgh, PA

Practice Sunday at 5pm, and Monday at 7pm at the Greentree Sportsplex

St. Patrick’s Day Party at Gies and Guthries; details to follow.
proceeds go to cover booze, and profits go to the Pittsburgh NABA.

I’d like to welcome Gray Bats’ defector, first-baseman, “Depot” to the 2009 South Oakland Ducks. No idea what his real name is, but he is represented by these four people. They drive a hard bargain.

I’m not posting any more personnel moves on the blog unless it involves guys who have paid.

League News.

The next league meeting will be held on March 1st.
The major item on the agenda is the playoff format.
Should everyone (presumably 12 teams) get into the playoffs?

I’ve been a proponent of everyone making the playoffs, mostly because the Ducks were bad for a couple years, and for all teams to make the playoffs was in the Ducks’ best interest.
The playoff run last year was the best baseball I’ve been involved with since I was in shape. The atmosphere was intense, we won something like eight of ten to get into the playoffs, only to lose to the Black Sox.

The idea behind everyone making the playoffs is that it will prevent forfeits by teams who are out of it down the stretch, presumably the teams with 3-17 records will get their guys to games if they are assured a playoff spot.
It was frustrating when we had to scoreboard watch with the Rakers and they would get forfeit wins, and not have to throw Sorosky or Barchie to gain a victory.
However, teams might forfeit if they know the games don’t matter on the top end, why hustle to get to a game if the playoffs aren’t on the line.
Meaningless late season games will allow teams to set their pitching rotations for the playoffs.
There has to be a way to reward a good regular season, and minimize forfeits.

I propose this format for the 2009 playoffs.
(assuming there are 2 six team divisions)

  • The 4th, 5th, and 6th seeds will have to vie for one spot against the 3 seed, and will have to play all play-in games in one day.
  • at 9am, seed 6 plays seed 5.
  • seed 4 plays the winner, at 12pm
  • seed 3 plays the winner of that game in a nine-inning game at 4pm.

At this point we start where we normally would under the current format.

A strong showing in the regular season would still be very important, as it will be pretty hard to win a championship from the lower half of the bracket.

Something along these lines, anyway.

I’m in favor of a preseason double elimination tournament. As a way to basically hold glorified scrimmages.

I’m going in reverse order of finish from last year, with expansion teams in the middle of the pack, and the Ducks last. I’m trying for 1 per week until the last week of April.


Hurricane Carters (3-19), Phantoms (5-15-2).

The Hurricane Carters enter their second year of existence, and are already suspected of murder due to unreliable, racially-motivated circumstantial evidence.

They have the sweetest uni’s of any team in the league, and “Angry Man”.

Last season they had trouble getting players to show up to games on a regular basis.

This infuriated Angry Man, turning him into a five foot tower of fury in football spikes. He threw some shit, and cursed a lot at the lack of commitment by his fellow Hurricanes, then proceeded to go 1-4 and play second/shallow right for the seven man squad and commit four errors blaming them on his teammates.

Milton Joyner is a beast.
Rob Logan can hit.

2009 Prediction:
20-4, with a loss to the Bulldogs in the playoffs.
They will have the first pick in the draft, and hopefully can get a full squad to games on a regular basis. They should probably merge with the Phantoms, to ensure themselves of a full lineup. Whatever, they’re in the other division, good luck this season.

The Phantoms were invisible after the middle of June last season after a decent start.
Manager Don Stetzer returns with his blond score keeper for a fourth straight season managing the Rangers/Phantoms
they have the worst uni’s in the league and therefore would benefit form a merge with the Hurricanes.

Brian Slaviek (sp.) is the second best left handed power hitter in the Pittsburgh NABA (Kirk Gibson-#1) and will probably play on another team this season.
the Phantoms have also lost Angry Man’s apprentice, catcher, Mike ____ to the Gray Bats.
This prevents the angriest tandem in league history from taking the field toegether should the teams merge.

Don Stetzer is on a short list of pitchers I’ve taken yard (it was in a playoff loss, however). He’s in good company (Ben Sorosky, Jason Baker–former ranger–no one needs to know the field dimensions in either case).

The best decision Chris Wojoton ever made was leave this team without coersion to play for the Ducks.
The Phantoms/Rangers have a history of losing good talent:
Malone, Baker, Wojoton, Newman, their short tempered catcher.
that’s the nucleus of a championship claiber team.

This team has not been the same since Newman left, and its a shame.

the curse of Newman

Stetzer is a solid player, who has been around since 2004, and is probably frustrated as hell at the way things have unfolded for his team. They have a couple other good players as well, that shortstop who pitches is good.

2009 Prediction:
Dissolved into another team, perhaps the Hurricanes, which would be good for them as I have predicted a fantastic regular season for the Hurricanes.

Next week: The Confederacy.


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