NABA Team Previews: The Hotel Californias & The Matadors

2009 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

This is where the league begins to separate into the haves and have-nots.
last year three teams finished with under five wins, and everyone else was at worst around .500, and a had a chance to win every game.

The Matadors and the Eagles were both in it until the last weekend of the season in ’08.

One season removed from winning the Allegheny Division the 2008 Matadors missed the playoffs by a half game, and where the subject of accusations of point shaving, and bribery.


Matadors’ management also led a cu against our League President.
If they had been able to hold a 6 run lead in the bottom of the 5th against the Ducks last season (hyperbolic recap), they would have made the playoffs.
I have no idea what this team is doing in the off season, all these kids play together during the spring they should be better this season. That lefty is good.

The Matadors were allegedly willing to pay the Owlz to throw a game so the Bulldogs would miss the playoffs.

I don’t agree with the allegations that Joe Graff gives the Bulldogs preferential treatment.
If anything he’s harder on his own team for the purpose of avoiding these types of game-throwing situations.

The Matadors are a joke if they really tried to bribe a team to lose on purpose.
Thanks for the pic, Sorosky.

The Eagles had a great turnaround in 2008 after a miserable three year existence.
The came back like Don Henley did with “Boys of Summer”.

The Ducks took 2 of 3 from the Eagles last year.
This was a solid recap.

No word on how improved this team is, but their existence allows for the repeated posting of this you tube clip.

profanity warning

The return of Glen Fry and Joe Walsh up the middle really allows the Eagles pitchers to relax and throw strikes knowing they have a solid infield behind them.
Manager Don Henley has undoubtedly been scouring the Pittsburgh area American Legion teams, college campuses, and high school practices to bring in some new young talent and has been trying to pry top tier players away from other NABA teams.
Sorry, I confused him with Rob Cool.
The Eagles added a couple of qualaity starting pitchers last season, got rid of Playmaker, and that made all the difference.

Still on the waiver wire.
The Bulldogs have reportedly expressed interest in “Playmaker”

The Desperados will have to continue to imporve if they want to content in the power house Monongahela Division, as the Owlz and Black Sox will be fielding teams that could probably beat the Pirates.

Peacefull Easy Feeling?

There was some kind of near-brawl between the Witch-ey Women and the Rakers last year.
(Care to fill us in, Ben/Larry?)

The animosity really escalated last season.

I predict an ungly brawl this year (not involving the Ducks).
Just an unfortunate hunch.


Practice Sunday at 5pm, and Monday at 7pm at the Greentree Sportsplex.

Get your money into Ducks Manager, TC Jones, asap.

Dr. Theodore “Indiana” Jones

434 South Graham St. Apt. #4
Pittsburgh, PA


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