Game 1 Recap: Raiders of the Lost Arc. Ducks 14, Oilers 2

2009 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
Dr. TC Jones (1-0) allowed one earned run on three hits, over 6 innings, as the Ducks crused to a 12 run win vs. the 2008 Cambell’s Conference Finalist Oilers Thursday Night at Moore Park.
Jones walked only one batter, he struck out several.

Great “Natural” reference ( Roy Hobbs played for the Hebrew Oilers before the NY Knights), but in the book, Hobbs strikes out to end the game and dies.
You deserve it if i ruined the ending.

Dr. Jones is a beast.

The Ducks sent 14 batters to the plate in the bottom of the first.
The first pitch of the year against the Ducks was lined up the middle by SS, Tony Casale, sparking a nine-run first inning for South Oakland.
Gwin followed with a single to right on a hit and run, and advanced to second on the throw to third.
MVP Candidate Jesse Smith walked, and Wojo-Tang followed with an infield hit.
Mike Watson walked,
Mark, “Last thoughts on Woody” Guthrie singled.
[B]Rick Whalen, singled.
Murphy singled.

Lots of offense.
Ten different Ducks recorded hits off the Oilers ace, Jarri Kuri who is clearly missing line-mate Wayne Gretzky who left for LA.
off the bench, Coby, Cheese and Depo were all hit by pitches and scored.
Casale tripled and scored his second time up in the first, and his BFF Watson doubled and scored in the sixth.

“Elementary, my dear…”

  • Spag-Tastic Voyage almost went yard.
  • Adam Smith struck out the side in the bottom of the seventh.
  • Everyone contributed.
  • Jones managed to get 17 guys into the game.
  • MVP candidate “White” Jesse Smith has a .500 obp, and two runs scored, and had a solid game behind the plate.
  • Where are Dowling and Novak, and Mars?
  • E. Lee missed the game racing Super Man around the planet.
  • Immaculate defene at first base in particular, but the infield as a whole was as good as it’s ever been
  • Quack.

Big game Saturday.
Early-season battle for first place.

Kenny Powers’ season debut.

Saturday 9pm at Moore Park.

Ducks (1-0) vs. Blacksox (0-1)


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