Terminator Salvation…

In the wake of the devastating news that the Sarah Connor Chronicles has been canceled, Terminator Salvation is set to be released this Friday.

S.C.C. was not very well written ( like I have room to talk) and often made little sense due to incoherent or underdeveloped storylines that I kept waiting to be resolved or perpetuated at a quicker pace instead of reverting into the “John Connor is a teenager who saves the world but still has issues with his mom just like other teenagers” sub plots that took away from the “Is john going to have robot sex with the girl terminator, and what is going on with Skynet, the redhed T-1000, and how are they going to explain the paradox they have created with the various loops in time and space.

(she’s a robot)

That stuff that was more pressing to me. Specifically the show’s treatment of the different rifts in time, and how the rules of the reality of the show were established and exposed on a weekly basis, I feel like the writers must have cheated, or just never got the chance to convince me they had a plan that would at least make sense within the time travel rules of the Terminator world.

But it was entertaining, and as a sci-fi fan (a huge supporter of any post-apocalypictic/time travel story and the first two Terminator films) who is without cable the show provided a much anticipated hour of robot filled destraction that i didn’t have to stream on my laptop to enjoy.

I’m going to see Terminator Salvation this weekend when I have some down time in A.C. and Strom is doing a memorium on the S.C.C. on his web show, and I am going to try to help him out with that if I have a chance.

thanks for reading.

Jesse Smith could have killed the terminators himself.


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