At Pittsburgh Central Catholic us basketball coaches like to post ridiculous quotes directed at our team by opponents in the locker room as motivation. I think I will do the same thing here. Only instead of posting them in a locker room I will use this blog to motivate the Ducks.

The following comments were made on the Bulldogs Blog:

  • Go Go Gray Bats writes, “Hey, we’re 1-7, not 1-8! And it’ll be 2-8 after the Gray Bats a’la orange some duck next Monday. That’ll be a Memorial day to remember, Im sure.”
  • Sorosky chimes in with, “Paul Altmyer will throw zeros versus the Ducks. And the Rebels sent me a detailed pitching report of Homa. The Gray Bats will score more runs than the Ducks…. Gauranteed”

Come on Gray Bats……I usually root for you guys, but the Ducks are gonna have to stomp on you this Memorial Day.

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