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I wouldn’t normally post an email, but this is rediculous.

Got my Phish tickets in the mail, they do a great cover of this Beatles tune.

Let’s include discussion about blog etiquette too. Potential NABA players can view them. Much of the discussion is in bad taste.

This isn’t an issue of free speech if there isn’t a link to the blogs from the NABA site, but there are. Blogs should be clean and project a positive image. No personal attacks either.

I’m as guilty as everyone else, but I think things should change.

Just a thought. Thanks for listening I just want to make this a better experience for everyone.

[Anonymous Gray Bats manager]

I don’t moderate comments. I dish it out I can take it [sometimes better than others]. I think there should be more blogs, preferably ironic ones that make fun of the very idea of blogging, and new media vs. AP press clipping type stuff.

If Kenny Powers and/or Rob, “Razor Ramon” Cool, are reading, if either of you wants to email me, or post in the comments a preview, recap, or any other thoughts on your upcoming Black Sox vs.Owlz Steel Cage match, it would be greatly appreciated.

It will actually get read by the league players and interested parties on the Ducks blog.

I go out of my way not to make personal attacks, I use pronouns – nicknames whenever its applicable, if I wanted to attack people they’d know about it.

Who among us is so self righteous that they should decide what’s in good taste?


_Ben Gwin


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