Gray Bats Week Day 5

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA
If it stops raining we’ll practice at 6:15 today.
5:30 pre-game[s] bp tomorrow.


They claim Lombardi is the best hitter in this contest.
He did rip a double off of Dunn last game, solid hit. He’s a ball player.
It’d be a shame if he got pitched around with no one protecting him in that lineup.

Leads both teams in all major offensive categories.
Once had a sweet mullet in junior high, just like “Dutch” himself.

Pitching Altmeyer would have been like throwing Sorosky again
If Sorosky and Ameyer are the same pitcher, it looks like another 8-0 Ducks victory.

They take obvious care not to insult the bottom of our lineup
Whalen has been batting 8th, he’s hitting .357, with a .912 ops and is tied for the team lead in triples.
Our team has 8 players hitting over .333

Captain America is ready to break out

We don’t get the “let’s throw this asshole who pitched once in little league” because this team has a win% under .200 pitchers.

  • Kirk Gibson our 6th hitter is batting .350 with a .885 ops
  • The Invisible Hand, Nick Homa and Wojton Clan are out for Saturday with non-hockey related injuries.
  • Britton Dickey leads the league in RE.

Some thoughts on the Owlz – Graybats trash talk from last week.
when an “automatic out” is talking shit, threatening to bean him is too easy. I agree with the owlz decision not to throw at anyone.
The way to go, in my opinion, is to throw at someone else for the indiscretions of the “automatic out”
Anyone but a pitcher, and not in the head.

like how your high school football coach would make everyone else do push ups if you went off sides in practice.

Not that the Ducks would do something like that, not when a team struggles so mightly to get on base in the first place.

Sorosky came to us wanting to play on the Ducks after a bad experience on the Rakers.
We couldn’t offer the same playing time as the Gray Bats.

This game is about the players who are on the Ducks not guys who could have been.

Depo left the Gray Bats becuase he couldn’t take the selfish management of Larry Z The Delusional.


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