Gray Bats, Weak – Day 6: Close Your Eyes and Try to Think About Baseball

NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
PRACTICE 5:30 Pitt IM Field
(Bulldogs Welcome)

Maybe you wrestled in high shcool, maybe you wrestled lightwieght and their was that one school who had some 80lb chick in that weight class. You had to wrestle her or take a forfeit.
It was a lose-lose situation.
Either you won and were supposed to, or god forbid you lost to a girl.

Maybe you got to touch a boob, and if you had as bad of acne as I did as a freshman in high school, it was a big deal.
The Gray Bats (2-12) are that 80 lb girl The South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (10-3) have to wrestle this weekend.
A 10-3 team is supposed to beat a 2-12 team 95% of the time.
This Saturday can not be that 5%

Thisrivalry has gone beyond baseball at this point.
A member of Gray Bats management is trying to lead us to believe that they are concerned for the league’s well-being and how the Pittsburgh NABA may be negatively effected by blogs done in poor taste.
How dare he attack the Bulldogs blog like that.
It is a fine site.

Really I think it’s just a matter of frustration at being called out for batting a .200 hitter in the 6th spot in the lineup, and thinking that’s a personal attack when the stats are available online.
And for posting a 2-12 record through 14 games.
And it could be argued that their was never an issue with taste until the Gray Bats were the brunt of it.
Or he thinks he should be the one who makes value judgments for the whole league.
just possibilities, not a personal attack.

(B-Sox, Owlz recap, by Kenny Powers by Sunday or Monday)

In big-picture league news the 10-2 Brookline Black Sox and the 10-0 Imperial Owlz play Saturday night at 9pm at Moore Park.
The Ducks sit at 10-3.
The top two teams in the division get byes.
In the second game of the season we beat the Black Sox 5-3.
Their only other loss is to the Hurricanes.
They have won ten straight, I think.

I am going to guess that the Black Sox and Ducks used last year’s Owlz team as the measuring stick for how much each of our respective teams needed to upgrade to win the Championship.

The Ducks added a couple arms and a few infielders, Darren Daulton, C, Mars, CF, and got stronger up the middle and moved some players who were playing out of position last year back into their natural spots, and that has lead to a 10-3 start.

The Black Sox added the Slaviceks, and Chalfin and a couple other pitchers and that guy who plays third, who used to be on the Phantoms.

The Owlz don’t have one player on their team who doesn’t play at least DIII basaeball.
The chance to play against and beat that team is what baseball is all about.
I know the Black Sox aren’t going into that game scared.
I know the Owlz are out for blood.
The former Gray Bats blogger has griped incessently about how unfair it is to have to play against the Owlz.
He also has lost 3 games to the Black Sox and Ducks by an average of about 7 or so.
No Coplaints about our teams.

Everyone who wants a chance to play baseball is allowed to play in this league it’s important we don’t lose sight of that.
But don’t base your team around the “we give everyone a chance to play ball” theory, and complain incessently that you can’t win.
You either win and try to get everyone in,
or you get everyoen in and try to win.
The way things have been headed it’s one or the other, and that’s why we will realign next year.

Last season I basically compared the Black Sox to a bunch of criminals, it was clearly done in jest, but they didn’t take it so f-ing seriously, and are some of my most loyal readers (the ones who can read, anyway – woooooooooooooo!).

A sense of humor and more importantly some self awareness can go a long way.
I know the definitions of slander, and liable and nothing I do falls into that category.
What one person thinks is offensive, another thinks is funny, or not, who cares.

(We’re Gonna Have Tryouts)

The bloggery has given life to a game between two teams who are nine games apart in the standings.
The gray Bats have nothing to lose, the best they can do is get to 4th in the standings.
All the pressure’s on the Ducks.

If I were the Ducks starting pitcher and I kept hearing how great Sorosky is, and how they have the edge in pitching I’d be pissed.

Censorship is wrong.


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