League Newz: Owlz Black Sox Recap,

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Since Our humble Ducks blog is read league-wide, and the BSox and Owlz are the two teams standing in our way of a Division title, and two of the best teams in the league, this recap is appropriate.

The Ducks are neutral in this affair, I am anyway. Both teams are, for the most part, comprised of solid human beings, and have plenty of talent.

Kenny helped get this league where it is today by putting a team out there in the old days when
Craig Boley umped every game, and if you were in the stands, there was a good chance of playing.

Rob has recruited some of the best talent this league has seen, and has made a few enemies on the way.

The Ducks concede nothing.
This will be a phenominal playoff race in the Whales Conference.

This ought to get some discussion going.

Quite possibly the inspiration for the Owlz 3rd jerseys

Here’s an unedited Owlz B-Sox recap in its entirety.

By Rob CoolRivalries. It’s why we play the games. It’s the trash talking, the hatred, the adrenaline, the competitive edge that makes these games so important to each team. It’s that desire to come up with that big play so that you can give your team bragging rights ’til the next round. It’s this type of game where you want to play your very best. It’s where heroes are made by those who back it up on the field, and fools are made by those who can talk the talk, but fail to walk. But most importantly, rivalries are why we play the game.

The Imperial Owlz and Brookline Blacksox rivalry is all of the above. The history dates all the way back to the RMU club days. A rivalry where trash talking and hatred have led to fights on and off the field. A rivalry where Pittsburgh NABA legends have been born (Dunn). A rivalry where so called all-stars have continuously failed to show up (I’ll refrain from this one). The Old vs The Youth. The NOWS vs the HAS BEENS. The team who talks the talk vs the team who walks the walk. This is THE rivalry in the Pittsburgh NABA.

Since Gwin runs a censor free blog, I’ll finally have the chance to post the Owlz feelings towards the Blacksox. WE FUCKING HATE THEM. It’s not even the guys on the team that we hate; all are pretty cool dudes. It’s just a hatred that happens once we both take the same field. The way they carry themselves about by chirping from their dugout, or acting hard by staring you down on the field. Or how they bring fans just to talk shit on us during the game. It’s just one of those things.

Putting those feelings to the side, Saturday night was no different than previous meetings. Another game filled with a great pitching duel, flawless defense, and cluth hitting.

The first inning flew by with both Dunn and Slavicek mowing down two batters a peice. Beatty recorded the first hit and run of the game when he doubled down the line to start off the 2nd, later scoring on Hazel walk. Spicer came through with a clutch two out, two RBI single to make the score 3-0. The Owlz would then add another on an RBI single by Spina.

In the bottom frame, St. Amant gave the Sox their first hit of the game, crushing the hopes of another Dunn no-hitter. With guys on 1st and 2nd, no outs, Dunn would go on to strike out the net three batters, killing the momentum.

The 3rd and 4th frames were the pitching duel at it’s finest. 10 total strikeout combined, Dunn 6 and Slavicek 4. A single by Klayko and a triple by Cool were the only two hits in those innings. Klayko eventually made his way to second on a steal, while Cool nearly scored on a squeeze bunt off the bat of Theobald.

The Owlz would go on to add two more runs in the top of the 5th, when Dunn and Lamont both added RBI singles to their night. But the top of the 5th was where the offensive production for both teams stopped. Both Dunn and Cannon would go on to strike out 3 a piece in the final two innings.

Slavicek ended the game with 8 strikeouts in 4 innings pitched while Dunn sat down 15 Blacksox batters. Klayko is a ball player. He came up with one of the four Blacksox hits and had a huge putout at home. Spicer came up big for the Owlz going 2-3 on the night with 2 RBI’s.

The win now brings Dunn’s career record to 5-0 vs the Blacksox. in 31 innings pitched, he has given up only 3 earned runs while striking out 55. An even more impressive stat; only 13 total hits.

Final Score- OWLZ 6- Sox 0


What happened on the squeeze?
The Ducks are quietly 11-3, while these two teams beat the shit out of each other.

Kenny if i get something from you I’ll put it right in this space.
Or give you a new post tomorrow or something, whatever you’d prefer.

Quack, Quack.

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