Warriors, Warriors, Owlz Week: Day One.

2009 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA
I’m done picking on the Gray Bats until they start making more obnoxious claims, unbefitting of a team with such a poor record 2-14.
It makes me feel like a bully.

The 8am games are over, let’s start scoring some runs.

The Ducks have a tough 3 games in 3 days this weekend.
The Ducks have only beaten the Warriors twice, I think, in six years.

We are 0-4-1 lifetime against the Owlz, and I don’t even want to look up the runz for and against for those 5 games.

We haven’t played in the cozy confines of the Duck Pond in forever, the Owlz plan to spoil the homecoming.

Gave the Black Sox the Razor’s edge Saturday night.

unfortunately the most anticipated game of the season will not get the attention it deserves from the blog, as it is on the tail end of three games in three days, and we don’t want Heckman playing the no-respect card.

The Owlz play the Hurricanes, and the Bombers on Saturday and Sunday.

Both teams have all week to set their rotations.
Do we frighten the Owlz?
How much respect will they show us?
We will find out based on who they pitch saturday and sunday.

Focus on the Warriors.

We’re still gunning for that bye.
clearly the teams who are not in contention for a top two spots in the division have stopped giving a shit, except the Gray Bats, who will finish the season with more than 2 wins.

I guarantee it.

Don Stetzer is now a Warrior.

He’s out of his element

Perhaps we’ll get some Owlz/Black Sox recaps in the next few days.
I reallly am hoping Kenny Powers writes one in character.



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