Warriors, Warriors, Owlz Week. Day Two

NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Be ready, Mars.

If anyone who has admin access to the blog, who has a different opinion on the Owlz than I do, I suggest they write a blog post.

I’ll post basically anything emailed to me by other teams as well, as long as it’s baseball relevant, and/or can get discussion going. Or its about the Pens.

If we need this blog to get us fired up to play against the first place team in our division, we’re jokes.
It helps against the last place team though. Thanks, Tipper.

If you have 20 min to kill check out this youtube.

Sweet hate-filled comment thread

If the Matadors or Rebels forfeit one more game, they will be dissolved.
There are 40 available free agents, yet teams still can’t get 9 on a given day and refuse to add players.

Tremmel is a beast.

We’re gunning for a bye, all the games are big from here on out.

It starts Saturday with the Warriors.


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