A look ahead.

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
The Soth Oakland Ducks of the North Side (12-5) face the Eagles (4-9) this Saturday.
The Ducks are coming off their worst loss of the season, and are looking to get back on track against the 5th place Eagles.

The Black Sox (12-4) play the Bombers (5-12) at 8am that day, a potentially dicey proposition.

The Ducks will know the outcome of the game before they take the field that afternoon.
They will either be tied with or a full game behind the Brookline Bullies.

Regardless of the result of the morning contest, a Ducks victory over the Eagles will set up a showdown for second place when the Black Sox travel to SpringView Field the following Monday.
Naturlly the Black Sox are the home team Monday night

The Ducks have defeated the Eagles 3-2 and 9-2 in two previous meetings, and have never swept the Eagles in a season series.

Practice today 6pm at John Herb Field.

Vote for McCray, Murphy, Guthrie, J. Smith, Dowling, and Fletcher for All Star reserves at the league homepage.

click on the ad sense banners to help the Ducks raise money so we can get sweet windbreakers and alternate, nightgame, away jerseys like the owlz, those (talented) sons of bitches.

This is crunch time, we have hit bottom and it’s time to bounce back.

Stretch-run City.

Recap of last night’s horror film a couple posts down.


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