Game Seventeen Recap: Ducks effectively lure Owlz into false sense of security for potential playoff matchup

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

This recap is going to be dogshit.
If you want to know how this feels, go into the bathroom slam yourhead off the toilet and piss yourself while your passed out.
Then wake up and repeat.

I could give a gray bats ass about beating some of the teams we play I want to beat the best.

It sure didn’t look like we were a second place team playing our 17th game of the year, we were tight to start, we missed plays we usually make.

It looks like were here for a business meeting
-Dr. Jones.

Mike Fletcher started, after pitching 4 innings yesterday when – in a last minute decision, – coach decided to scrap the knuckle-baller idea.
He pitched well the defense was uncharacteristically bad.
We were down 4-o before That loud lady in the stands could get her voice warmed up.
Kirk almost went yard, wound up with a double. They loaded the bases on walks, KT hit a hard grounder to first. Kirk took out their catcher when the first baseman threw home.
they cried foul.
Then they threw at Mars, well over his head, almost over the back stop.
he walked in our only run.
That was a hard baseball play, I would have done the same thing.
I have done the same thing,
and i’ve had it done to me as a catcher.
I don’t think it was dirty or done with intent to injure.
If hadn’t gone 0 for 3 like a joke, (2k’s and a broken bat on a double play) I might have gotten the chance.
I give them credit for arguing the to try to get the out.
That was about as exciting as it got.

4-1. after two
Fletcher battled.
Some kid hit a shot up the middle our secondbaseman made a diving stop, but rifled one from three feet instead of flipping it.
these things happen.
Some pop-up dropped in right center.
This is what happens when we play sloppy baseball against the best team in the league.
The Ducks got out of the inning down 6-1.
We continued to not hit.
Then we ran out of pitching and they effectively dominated us in a display reminiscent of the 2006 Ducks.
Guthrie and Jesse Smith also had hits.

that Sinclair kid is the real deal, a little wild, and we weren’t (I definitely wasn’t anyway) as patient as maybe we could have been.
But he’s got an extra gear when he needs it, and basically owned us.

I’ve never wanted to play a double header so bad in my life.

What a shit show.

I could have done without the guy in the stands who was loudly asking if they could call the game without us having our last at bat, so we “wouldn’t get embarrassed,” as if it wasn’t embarrassing enough.

I have No idea who that guy is and i wouldn’t write it here if I did.

It isn’t as if the Owlz didn’t put on a hitting display.
they hit it hard and often, and to give a team like that extra outs is a recipe for disaster.

but at the end of the day, we are 12-5, 1/2 game out of the coveted 2nd spot.
We play the Black Sox twice, and they also play the Owlz twice.
We are owlz fans now, until we face them again.

A loss is a loss, a 2-1 loss would have counted the same in the standings.

I’m disappointed in myself, and that we, collectively, didn’t play our best, which is what it will take to beat this team.

It’s important we keep our sense of humor, it’s one loss, it might not even be the last.

Bullet pointz

  • We still have seven games left and are in a battle for a first round bye.
  • I think Mars gets his chance if we see these guys again.
  • If anyoen thinks I, or the Ducks have made any excuses go _uck yourself, we got our ass beat fair and square.
  • D is the missing letter
  • I’ve gotten my ass beat by worse teams, I’ve K’d against worse pitchers.
  • (pause for you to make a joke to yourself)
  • Scoscia, bwp model 243, 32 1/2 in.
  • Thank you to the fans who showed up to support both teams.
  • We need Novak back on as permanent a basis as possible.
  • Mantis’ ERA took a bit of a hit.
  • I really like the way Watson plays second, there was some rust tonight, but if he continues to show up everygame, that shot up the middle will turn into a sick double play when we really need it.
  • this is only the second worst loss to the owlz in ducks history
  • at least they didn’t run it up, no stealing or bunting or whatever, we just sucked.
  • If you think we can’t make a run at this Ill take your jersey and give it to some guy who can pretend to be you for the rest of the season.
  • I don’t think we were intimidated, just nervous, I take some of that blame.
  • apparently there’s something going on in the post after this one.
  • What a game of the week, eh?
  • Dr. Jones 4Life

Take the good with the bad, and hope we get a chance to redeem ourselves in the playoffs.

Seven games left, we still have hope.
No one is going to kick us out of the league for this game.
We are still going to be in the think of the battle for the bye.
We need to put this behind us and focus on our next game.
We have to respond by playing well down the stretch.
Hope is a good thing.

Bad News for the Eagles on Saturday, at the Confederacy’s home field in Monroeville.


Write in votes Here:
All-Star Reserves

Also vote Joe Graff, he’s a beast and plays in the other conference.

RP – Mike Fletcher has only been with the team for half a season, but leads the team in ERA and is 2-1 with one save.

OF – Mark Guthrie – Captain America: batting .387 hits doubles.

3b – Jesse Smith. team leader in HR’s, our most talented player.

1b – Andrew McCray slick fielding, power hitting, solid numbers.

C – Chris Dowling solid defensively, hits the ball harder than Kenny wants to hit Rob Cool with his car.

DH – KT Murphy He’s hitting over .300. His .636 slg percentage is second on the team to Tony Casale.


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