UPDATED: aLL sTAR GAME CANCELLED RESCHEDULED AT CONCLUSION OF SEASON…Gray Bats manager doesn’t understand the term "Model Franchise"

NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
No way this Ducks team loses five straight.

the Gray Bats are “playing this one like a playoff game”
whatever that means.

Larry hasn’t retired from blogging he just uses Wallis’ screen name.

the Ducks are reeling, but the whole Gray Bats organization, save a couple players, is a joke.

Wallis is a solid human being.

Solid work at Chicken Soup for the Gray Bats soul

I seriously quit if we lose on Sunday.

Full WWF-style preview in the days ahead.

All Star Recap by someone on Ducks Blog Staff who doesn’t have to work that night and is at the game.


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