Gameday [21] Ducks vs. Rebels

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA
Ducks (13-7) vs. Rebels (7-10)
9pm Spring View Field

BP 6pm-7:30 at Pitt


The South Oakland Ducks of the North Side were helped by fellow bird team, the Imperial Owlz, who swept teh brookline Bullies in their double header yesterday.

Kenny Powers saw his team fall to 14-6
The Ducks are 13-7 after sweeping their season series with the Fightin’ Gray Bats in a 5-2 victory which the Ducks played without their starting middle infielders, their starting centerfielder, and Chris Wojton.

Wojton will be back in the lineup tonight vs. the Rebels.

The Ducks can roll three lines of SS, 2B combinations that are as good as any this team has ever seen.

We are built like a hockey team.

So, tonight’s game is key, a win moves South Oakland of the North Side one half game behind the Black Sox, setting up a showdown for 2nd place at Moore Park on Saturday.


For the lady Warrior

The Bulldogs beat the Warriors 3-2 yesterday to take second in the Campbell Conference and lay claim to a .500 record.
why ?


But the task at hand is not one that can be taken lightly.

We’ve ended a four game slide, and now we return home for the rubber match against the Rebels.

The Rebels have improved greatly since our last meeting, they have added armies from Missouri, northern Virginia, and Kansas.

The will attack at sundown and it will take every once of our mettle and every drop of courage to defeat this proud group of southerners.

Some of us may not return from battle tonight, but we must fight gallantly.
Death will look us square in the eye he will knock on our doorstep and try to take our women children, and livestock. They wish to burn down our houses and destroy our wagons.

We will once again be undermanned, weary from the summer-long war that has lead us once again, to the precipice of a first round bye and a chance to redeem early season defeats at the hands of the enemy.


It’s not often a blog can agitate a team enough for them to have their mysite news admin revoked.

Let’s get it done tonight, and get a winning streak started.

On our side.

Bad News for the Rebels.



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