Game 22 Recap: Kenny F_ing Powers. Black Sox 9,…{Ducks rebound to beat Bombers 5-4 }

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Giving up a total of 15 walks to anyone does not give you a good chance to win, unless of course you are me, Kenny F-ing Powers. Yeah we gave up 15 F-ing walks but we still won because not only I am the shit, but we, the Black Sox are the shit.

I am not really going to talk about the Ducks much just because I would rather talk about how great we are for that matter. This is why so many people may hate me, but people that hate me are haters and haters can suck it.

In the top end of the first the Ducks failed to score despite 3 walks. In the bottom half of the 1st the Black Sox put up 2 runs, with Florian, Klayko, and Brocollo each getting a hit.
After this inning I thought to myself there is no way we will lose this game because we are F-ing that damn good.

It became apparent in the 2nd inning that we would just toy with the Ducks by walking people, and when the time was right we would just shut them down. This way, the loss would be much harder to take rather than if we just ten-runned them. The Ducks did get a run in the second on 1 hit and 3 walks. Then the Black Sox put up two more runs in the bottom half to go up 4-1. Going into the third, JT calmed down and struck out the side. The Black Sox then followed with another run with doubles by Goldie and me, Kenny F-ing Powers, to extend the Black Sox lead to 5-1.

The Ducks would manage another run in the top of the 4th on 2 walks and an error, but the Black Sox would then put up 4 on 5 hits, yeah I had another F-ing double, to extend the lead to 9-2.

In the fifth JT again found his composure and struck out the side. The Black Sox failed to score a run in their half of the inning.

The sixth inning proved to be the best inning for the Ducks, mainly because someone from the stands kept screaming at the top of his lungs, “that is a balk” on almost every pitch. Guaranteed, this guy did not know what a balk is and let alone may have been on crack. It is what it is, and the Ducks put up 4 runs on 4 walks and two hits. Score 9-6 after 6.

The Black Sox made a pitching change in the 7th hoping this would cure the curse of the free pass. This was not the case. Jim Cannon ended up walking the first three batters to give the Ducks the bases with no outs. So I decided to call time out and talk to my pitcher. I told him, “What are you, some kind of pussy? Throw a F-ing strike! These walks are F-ing killing us!” He listened because I am F-ing great! Cannon struck out the next batter, got a ground ball out for the 2nd out, and picked up another K to end the game. Final score Black Sox 9 Ducks 7.

After that being said, I still am better than everyone alive, but the Ducks have come along way these past two years. They are a good team and deserve all the credit in the world. I look forward to seeing them again in the Playoffs. That is of course if they don’t lose to their rival Gray Bats first…

By Kenny Powers

full Ducks Bombers recap to follow

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