Ducks Finish Regular Season with a Win. Look forward to Playoffs.


The South Oakland Ducks of the North Side finished the regular season with a win over the Bulldogs today at Ohio River Boulevard.

Tony Casale broke out and scored both runs today in the 2-1 victory with two hits.

The Bulldogs struck first to make the score 1-0. The Ducks then tied it up when Casale made it on base and then made his way to third for Ben to hit him in on a sac fly. Casale made it on base again for the second time in the game and scored once again when two errant throws were made on a steal attempt to plate the winning run.

The rest of the game consisted of a great pitching from both sides, BJ Rankin and Mark Guthrie. Captain America came out on top pitching a complete game, only giving up one run, and throwing seven strikeouts.

Ben had an additional single and there was a bevy of infield hits by the bottom of the order. Adam Smith was a machine in left field. He caught everything hit anywhere near him.

Its playoff time. The Ducks look forward to the highly expected game against the Gray Bats on Saturday. I’m sure there will be plenty of talk about this match up throughout the week, but thats for another post.


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