Wales Conference Final Update: Black Sox 3, Owlz 1

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
In the series dubbed “The Battle of the Air Horn vs. The Loud Lady Owlz Fan,”
The Black Sox took game 1, 3-1, over the Owlz.

Since 2004 the team that has won game one of the 3 game series has gone on to win 78.3% of the time, according to Pete Chalfin.

The ’04 Ducks lost in the Conference finals to the Sox after taking game 1.

Game 2 will pit pitcher of the year candidate Scott Dunn against potentially J.T. Slavicek or whomever else the Sox have.
The Sox have got to be thin on pitching, mayeb we’ll get an appearance from the greatest pitcher in the history of organized baseball.

The Sox’s lefty pitched well.

neither of these team names can be made into possessive plurals.

the conclusion to this game was not forgone, apparently.

Words were exchanged after the game between two of the best players in the series.

Feel the hatred.

Winner of tomorrow’s game and of the series can email me a recap for posting if they want.
Updates from the western conference are welcome also.


I’m still sick to my stomach about Sunday’s loss.
Just fucking gut-wrenching.

Ill have a season recap after the finals.

Jones will have some team awards.

My picks for Ducks Awards:
MVP: Castle
Offensive player of the year: Captain America
Co-Pitchers of the year: Fletch/Invisible Hand
Defensive Player of the Year: Jesse Smith

Coby is probably hard at work right now on his recap.

The Ducks are in the process of getting our roster set for our trip to Erie for 3 free baseball games at the former home of the Erie Sailors, who when I saw them as a kid were the minor league affiliate of the Marlins, and seeking sponsors for our labor day tournament team.

Expect a call from the good Dr.


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