RIP Howard Zinn


If you have a chance and like reading history books in your free time, check out:
A People’s History of the United States.

I endorse it. It affected me deeply, similar to the way reading Vonnegut for the first time did, which is odd, I think.

Zinn’s You Can’t be Neutral on a Moving Train is the inspiration for Pearl Jam’s Down.

Probably some Slaugherthouse Five parallels.


10 thoughts on “RIP Howard Zinn

  1. I'm pretty sure we're upgrading, I've been removed from the process, Depo and swoosh know more than i do. Nate, I have no idea, I think there will still be former owlz in the league, a few of whom I'm making a push with management to acquire, based on how much roster space we have…rumor has it the sox outfield got even better this season…and that long time Duck Adam Smith has joined the Don Henleys…I'm off to work, thanks for reading as always…


  2. I want to win a fucking championship, and to do that we have to build our team around beating the black sox, who we can't fucking seem to get past. although what a four game series last year, Kenny. We have too fill our empty roster spots with the best players we can find. I've spent too may years running that team like a fucking little league squad and getting my ass beat to take a step backwards this season after we nearly rolled our way into the semi's in '09. If we find 3 outfielders who are better than I am I will sit and platoon behind the plate at 1b and dh or whatever if it gives us a better chance to win


  3. as of now the duck's have 3 open roster spaces. Negotiations with free agents are currently underway. Depending on who we pick up will determine if we play A or AA.As said before, I promised a few long standing ducks that our roster will only have 15 guys on it, and i am committed to honoring that promise.


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