Game Day 1: Ducks vs. Hurricanes

Ducks vs. Hurricanes
Spring View Field


We get the Fightin Rafalski’s right out of the gate. The defending champs, probably with last year’s MVP on the hill.
unrelated? you be the judge.

Opening day is a crap-shoot. It’s gonna come down to which team can shake the rust off first. Who’s in better shape after a long winter of watching the Steelers disintegrate and Pitt disappoint us in the tourney.

The Hurricanes eat kittens. They fight old ladies. They are responsible for the Jehovah’s witnesses showing up at your house and banging on the windows while you’re in the middle of watching Terminator and getting a hand job from that girl who works at the coffee shop.
Last year we beat them 2-0 behind Homa’s one-hit shutout.
They have nice orange uni’s.
And they have the belt.
We have half a new team, a re-tread coach, and haven’t made it past the quarter finals since 2004.

We’ll come out fightin’

Mantis’ spot in the rotation has been filled, but his absence leaves an irreconcilable void in the shadowy recesses of our collective subconscious.

Bad News for the Hurricanes


3 thoughts on “Game Day 1: Ducks vs. Hurricanes

  1. Warriors and Black Sox are shown as Postponed. The militias naba page says theirs were canceled. Any word on the bulldogs and titians from yesterday?


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