Game 2 Recap: Ducks 3 Maulers 5

Bad loss.
After a a 3-hit loss to the A Division Maulers (1-4), Ducks (0-2) have recorded only 4 hits through two games.
Kirk continues to draw walks.
Their guy threw well.

Guthrie: 2-3 2rbi, 2 2B
Gwin 1-3
Kolaja, 0-1 RBI
Homa allowed 2 earned through 5, the bullpen was not great

It’s important to peak at the right time.

BP at 6pm on Saturday
BP at 1:30 on Sunday
BP at 6pm on Monday

We’ll get better
The bats will come around.

We play the Fightin’ Florian’s Saturday night at 9pm
More Park
Jesse Smith is managing.

We will need more than 4 hits to win on Saturday.

We’re due.

7 thoughts on “Game 2 Recap: Ducks 3 Maulers 5

  1. naba site is wrong, guthrie had 2 rbi doubles (one in the 3rd and one in the 7th), and they balked in a run when Coby was up. he gets a rbi for that. we still would have lost with #9. We have a couple guys on the way who can hit ok, but i'm confident the players we have now will come around before the college kids get here. that was the plan to put some pressure on returning starters by adding talent. guys just need to get reps. i need reps. we'll be ok. well put anonymous1 #9, he certainly wouldn't hurt right now. we'd probably still be 0-2.sorry, anonymous 2, i'm more of an obp, rbi, runs scored guy anyway. I feel ok at the plate. where'd i go in the draft?did you take rafalski first?thanks for reading. bg


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