game 9 recap: Ducks lose.

Ducks 1, HURRICANES! 8

South Oakland of the North Side (4-5) was no hit by Andy Rafalski of the HURRICANES! (7-1).

Ducks starting pitching walked several batters, and THE HURRICANES! took advantage, driving in 5 runs in the first after the Ducks took a 1-0 lead in the top half of the inning, on a Anthony Defillipo base running expose in which he stole two bases and scored on a past ball.

I guess we’re three runs better than we were when we lost by 10 on opening day.
There were several hard hit balls by the Ducks that went right at HURRICANES! fielders.
Rafalski has allowed one hit in two games against the Ducks.

Tonight’s game against Brookline has been rained out and will be rescheduled for sometime late in the season.

The Ducks have lost two straight, and take on Big Oil next Monday, 9pm at Spring View Field.
That game is followed by a division game Wednsday against the South Side Eagles and Ducks defector Adam Smith.

Smith is too scared to ask his coach to pitch against his former team.
We’re starting Dr. Jones.
He wants a showdown with Smith.
We’ll discuss this personal rivalry in detail in the weeks to come.

Bulldogs dine on Duckzzz for 60th Franchise Victory

60th Win, Bulldogs, NABA, pittsburgh NABA

In the Spirit of Gwin…

The Bulldogs and Ducks, er… Duckzzz waged their inaugural battle of the 2010 season on the dewey grasses, and groomed sands of John Herb Field in the early morning hours of May the 15th, 2010. The Bulldogs proved victorious by a score of 5-1, earning their 60th franchise victory in the process.

Prior to the game, the baseball gods gave a gift to the visiting Duckzzz, and placed a duck pond in two separate locations… the visiting on deck circle, and bullpen. Many a duck showed up early to play in the fresh water of the freshly made ponds. They sported slick new hats (tops in the league, kudos to Ben), 15 new players on a 23-man roster (their smallest in 8 years!!!) and took a spirited pre-game (although not as polished as when the Commish ran their show in April).

Fortunately, this is one Duck even Gwin wouldn’t add to his roster.

The Duckzz sported a revamped roster, with 7 of their 10 batters new to the team, and 4 of them formerly of the 23-1 Owlz of 2009. Similarly, the Bulldogs took the field with 5 new players in their staring lineup, recruiting 2 LaRoche, and 1 Fairmont State player, while stealing 2 players from the 2010 PSL Dodgeball Champion Red Rockets.

This game also marked the largest gathering of Pittsburgh Blues on one field, with the Duckzzz rostering 4 players, and the Bulldogs 3.

Prior to the game, Bulldogs coach BJ Rankin needed to use the bathroom, but encountered an unusual occupant….

Realize this poor fellow needed some assistance, BJ coached him up on how to properly use the toilet paper, but alas….

one Bulldog can only do so much to help out a little duck. Feeling sheepish, this little duck challenged BJ to a wager on the game. Neither the terms of the bet, nor the bet itself, were known to anyone besides the Duck and BJ before the game.

At the pregame meeting, Bulldogs manager Vinny Gala and Ducks manager Ben Gwin had a moment of silence for their friend Greg Wittmer, who has been in and out of the hospital with kidney problems and was unable to attend the game. It has caused Wittmer to stop drinking for at least 5 out of 7 days each week, and limit himself to only 6-8 beers per sitting.

On to the Game…

Adam Philip sat the new-look Duckzzz down in order in the top of the first. Joe Graff led off with a 2-strike single back through the box off Duckzzz starter Rob Baumgartel. After two outs, Matt Dugovich stole second before Vinny Gala walked. With two aboard, Jarrod Harris laced a ball to left that was caught for the final out.

Philip yielded only a two-out single to Brendan Scoscia in the top of the 2nd. In the bottom, the Bulldogs would score the only runs they would need. George Nehay led off with a walk, and eventually scored on a wild pitch. Jeff Trojan doubled and scored the eventual winning run on a Justin Meyers ground out.

Trojan, Dugovitch, and Graff in a typical pre-game routine.

In the fourth, the Bulldogs struck again. Trojan led off with a single followed by a Meyers walk. Rankin came to bat with runners on first and second.

BJ Rankin bunted for a hit, and an errant throw allowed Trojan to score. With Meyers on third, and Rankin on first, Graff stepped to the plate. What occurred next was purely shocking.

BJ Rankin was leading off first, and was picked off by the Duckzzz. Gwin, who was playing first base, did not feel the out was enough, and beat him in the face with the ball until his tooth cracked and his face was bloodied from a gash on his lip, and stripped him of his game pants right on the field (!). First base coach Dan Morgan leveled his book-club mate Gwin with the copy of Crime and Punishment his carries in his pocket at all times. The fans starting throwing batteries, and the players broke out in an all out brawl as the police….

Sorry, was dreaming as I typed there. Everything after the first sentence of that last paragraph didn’t really happen. Except that part about the Gwin and Morgan being book club buddies.

Graff drove in Meyers for the fourth Bulldog run. Rankin would later need stitches to repair his lip after Gwin’s tag, but remained at the game for a reason unbeknown to the players in attendance.

Defensively, Joey Braunlich, Schuyler Shaeffer, and Meyers would enter the game for the Bulldogs in the fifth. Schuyler was wearing a unique T-shirt Saturday.

His girl looks hot from that t-shirt. But don’t be fooled. Our crack research team has uncovered who that shirt was modeled after.

Not as impressed now, are you? Yes, that is Brian Strom pictured. Strom was in attendance at the game, but rendered unable to play after a night of tequila shots with a Professor of Spanish and lap dances at a fine local gentleman’s club (editor’s note: only two-thirds of that last statement is true – we will let you figure which fact is false).

The Bulldogs would add a run in the fifth before the Duckzzz finally got on the board in the 6th. BJs Lipp (not his first name, but kinda ironic) walked, stole second and later scored the Duckzzz only run on an RBI single by Tony Casale.

Schuyler’s actual girlfriend. Everybody contributes on this team.

After the game, there was many good handshakes and warm embraces of mutual respect. These are two teams who have been around for awhile, and have developed friendships along the way. They each have played a role in shaping the Pittsburgh NABA as teams, and by members serving in administrative roles. There were seven NABA administrators, six active, between the two teams. They look forward to playing again.

Thanks to Ben Gwin for honoring his side of the gentleman’s wager and allowing us to post the write-up. He is a tough competitor, and a good friend.

Almost forgot…

Even the potty trained duck was duck enough to honor his pre-game wager.

BJ was a happy ER patient.


Gameday Nine: Ducks at HURRICANES!

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (4-4) at Sto-Rox Hurricanes (6-1)
Burkett Field.

BP at Burkett at 1pm.

According to Google this device has something to do w Hurricanes

I have no idea where this field is, apparently it’s nice.
We were embarrassed the last time we played the ‘Canes on opening day.
We’ll see how far we’ve come in 8 games.

We will wear yellow.

1/3 of the way through the season and we’re still getting our wings.
We came out flat yesterday morning.
If we can’t get up for a game against the defending champs, it’s gonna be a long season.
The Hurricanes never should have left Hartford.
I believe in Ron Francis.

Bad news for the Hurricanes.

Ducks lose.


The Bulldogs (7-1) defeated the South Oakland Ducks (4-4) by an estimated score of 5-1.
Not the offensive explosion the Ducks were hoping for. South Oakland plays THE HURRICANES! tomorrow, 3pm at Burkett Field.

Full recap by someone on the Bulldogs is forthcoming.

On consecutive plays I hit BJ Rankin in the back with a throw on a sac bunt, then tug him in the face and split his lip. My bad, BJ.

Ducks, get to Burkett at 1pm for BP.


Gameday [8]: Ducks (4-3) vs. Bulldogs (6-1)

Ducks vs. Bulldogs
8:30 am
John Herb Field

If you are a Duck reading this go to sleep.

Keeping with the theme of the week, I’m mailing this post in.
The bulldogs get admin privileges on the blog if they win.
A fifth straight win would equal the longest streak in Ducks history.

This game will feature several off-season acquisitions by the Ducks.

Bad News for the Bulldogs


Game Seven Recap: Walk Away. Ducks 4, Matadors 3

South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland of the North Side quacked it’s way above .500 for the first time this season with an extra-inning victory over the slumping Matadors.

Thanks to Getty Images for photo of Matadors' ex-head coach R. Tiedeman.

Perhaps the Mighty Zeus is punishing the Matadors  for being named after a human entity which kills the god’s favorite animal in a manner that is not in accordance with traditional Greek cow sacrifices. Zeus is always turning himself into a bull and banging some half god-half mortal lady in the myths.

There’s no other explanation.

At least they weren’t struck by lightening, that would’ve been too much.

Once again, Mark Guthrie played a key role in the Ducks win; going the full eight on the hill in a Zeus-like performance. All the marvel comics are basically adaptations of Greek Mythology, including this guy (disguised as a WWII propaganda device – note: shield similar to that of Ares)  …

The Ducks hit at least five line drives right at their center fielder who was playing on top of second base.

Guthrie K’d 4 of the first six outs recorded in the first two innings for South Oakland.

All 4 down on strikes, two looking

The Ducks struck first in the bottom of the second, Jesse Smith singled, Kirk walked, Gwin hit into a fielder’s choice and stole second.

Runners on second and third for Rob Baumgartel

Smith scored, and Old Man Gwin was meat at the plate. Although it appeared he jumped over the catcher and avoided the tag.

The plate ump saw otherwise.

Gwin broke his hip in the process and would sub himself out later in the game.

I was over the tag, I'm telling you.

The ‘doors scored in the top of the third on a fielder’s choice.

and again in the top of the 4th

In the top of the 5th, Kenny Cool (who subbed in for Gwin who left to watch Matlock and yell at teenagers) made a Brooks Robinsonian attempt at a ball down the line at 3rd and nearly got the guy at first.

IN the bottom half of the inning Cinefra drove in two runs with an RBI single to right center.

Cinefra is a beast.

3-2 Ducks.

He made a nice catch in the 6th to preserve the lead.

The Matadors scored another unearned run in the top of the 7th.


The Ducks left a runner on second in the bottom of the 7th.

I told Jones he was going in to pitch the 8th.

Guthrie wasn’t havin’ it. He went out to the mound before i could say anything.  If one guy got on base he was comin’ out.

Captain retired the Matadors in order.

The Ducks loaded the bases and Ken Cool stepped to the plate and the Matadors walked him.

Game. Ducks.

  • We’re effectively a whole game behind the 4-2 Black Sox, and we have a tough three-game stretch this weekend.
  • We’ll have just about our full roster.  We’ll get an accurate gauge of where we are when the dust settles on Teusday.
  • One game at a time, but we can’t afford to drop two games to the Black Sox.
  • The Bulldogs and Hurricanes games will be used to see who is going to fit where.
  • Not the best two teams to still be tinkering with shit against, but the Black Sox game is the big one.
  • If we don’t win the division, we can’t play for the AA title and we don’t get a bye in the playoffs.
  • This year its the team with the best division record who wins the Wales Conference.

Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack. Ducks Win 4th Straight .

Ducks 4, Matadors 3 (8 innings)

Mark Guthrie earned the complete game victory.
Captain America allowed one earned run and K’d 10.
Ken Cool drove in Tim Lipp with a bases loaded walk to end the game.
Anticlimactic, but we’ll take it.

Baumgartel, and Cinefra (2) had the other RBI for the Ducks.
Gwin recorded his first HBP of the season.

South Oakland of the North Side (4-3) takes their win streak into John Herb Field Saturday morning for an 8:30am date with the first place Bulldogs (6-1).


I request anonymous posters at least create a fake username so we can tell you apart, takes two minutes, or sign a fake same like, Bill Franciscus.


Full recap later.