game 9 recap: Ducks lose.

Ducks 1, HURRICANES! 8

South Oakland of the North Side (4-5) was no hit by Andy Rafalski of the HURRICANES! (7-1).

Ducks starting pitching walked several batters, and THE HURRICANES! took advantage, driving in 5 runs in the first after the Ducks took a 1-0 lead in the top half of the inning, on a Anthony Defillipo base running expose in which he stole two bases and scored on a past ball.

I guess we’re three runs better than we were when we lost by 10 on opening day.
There were several hard hit balls by the Ducks that went right at HURRICANES! fielders.
Rafalski has allowed one hit in two games against the Ducks.

Tonight’s game against Brookline has been rained out and will be rescheduled for sometime late in the season.

The Ducks have lost two straight, and take on Big Oil next Monday, 9pm at Spring View Field.
That game is followed by a division game Wednsday against the South Side Eagles and Ducks defector Adam Smith.

Smith is too scared to ask his coach to pitch against his former team.
We’re starting Dr. Jones.
He wants a showdown with Smith.
We’ll discuss this personal rivalry in detail in the weeks to come.

7 thoughts on “game 9 recap: Ducks lose.

  1. yeah, fitting. We didn't really knock the cover off it. There was one to right in the seventh, and another to your second baseman. I'm not by any means saying we win if a couple hits fall, but a no-hitter requires a bit of luck and he got it.You guys lead the league in no-hitters.


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