Duck Recon Mission.

The Ducks float just under the .500 mark this season.
We’ve underachieved. Too many walks, not enough key hits, reliable and talented players uncharacteristically missing games and having one-pitch at bats resulting in infield flies with runners in scoring position. Something is amiss.

I’ve been searching for our mascot, Harlod the rubber Duck, our good luck Duck.
I learned today he has been kidnapped, missing since last summer.
In a move reminiscent of every college movie ever made, the Bulldogs stole our mascot.
Harold is being used as a football, and a model for homoerotic porto-jon photos and fellatio.
(see Commish’s fantastic, Dawgs/Ducks recap two posts down)

Pittsburgh Bulldogs Last Second Field Goal from mike martin on Vimeo.

We have to get our Duck back by any means necessary.

6 thoughts on “Duck Recon Mission.

  1. we'll get him back as soon as we figure out where he is.. last i heard he was riding in the trunk of DDP's car.. double D isnt playing baseball this summer, but we should be able to get the duck back… no telling what kind of homosexual activities have gone on between doug and the duck though.


  2. a former teammate of Wojton…you guys beat us in the playoffs in '05 when swetz got hit in the sack with a ground ball back up the middle Swetz was never the same. We had a live mascot for that game ( Ben Hartranft's roommate in a duck head, he was slightly inebriated.) I thought for sure that would put us over the top.


  3. next post on the ducks blog will beat all others. the real words behind the acronym "PBL".YODA should take in one of those games… he would shit out an ewok.


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