The Guthrie for MVP Campaign


The Mark Guthrie for MVP campaign will begin in earnest in the next week or so.

Neil Young involved. Solid.

Rafalski might have more pure talent, but we all know the Hurricanes have so many awesome players, losing Rafalski would not effect their 7-1 record.

Take Guthrie off the Ducks and were booted into the A division.


12 thoughts on “The Guthrie for MVP Campaign

  1. guthrie is a punk ass, soft throwin, piece of crap. We shoulda crushed him on sunday, but we already put up 8 runs on you guys so we thought we'd take it easy and make him feel like something special. Guthrie for MVP?!?! You Duckzzz are seriously crazy……


  2. I haven't been at a game but you faggots haven't had to play me since your last place finish two years ago. The ducks are better than you and you better pray we don't play you in the post season because the only thing a hurricane blows is dick. ❤ Fago


  3. I highly doubt that was someone on our team.Most of us dorks who read this put our names on here. (me, bob, nate, etc)Just for the record the Anonymous thing sucks for reasons like this. I wont even respond to the 5th grade comment you made about my squad with nothing to support it.Good luck the rest of the season. I hope the Ducks turn it around and make the playoffs if nothing for the funny shit that is put on here.TJ Morgan


  4. Well said TJ, couldn't agree more.I like playing the 'Canes, even though we've been dominated both games this season. Those guys come to play the game every time without any BS. Solid competitors.Guthrie


  5. @GuthrieI wasnt putting you down either. Im just saying even if you pitch ur butt off someone has to score some runs for ya to get a W.I know I hate when people say its the Fighting Andy's or whatever when everyone is trying.Its a summer league. I hate how people try 2 fight about it like its a real big deal. TJ M


  6. It's not an Eagle, Ben. Im the only Eagle who reads this blog and playing with Guthrie for 2 seasons, ive seen he's a helluva player. The Ducks have alot of talent this year and im looking forward to next Wednesday. Good luck the rest of the way.


  7. i hope we get another shot at the canes as well. they've set the bar, we need to score runs. Guthrie is our team MVP so far though, he's played at a consistently high level through nine games.


  8. I just wanted to stop by and say something about this post.Even though most of us have only been to two games, without a doubt, the best player for the Ducks this season has been Guthrie. Both times he came in relief and shut the Bulldogs and Hurricanes down. He throws strikes and limits the walks. Not to mention he's also been one of the hottest hitters on the squad. I have much respect for him as a player AND a teammate.So we're 4-5 at this point? Who cares. Once we all get use to playing on the same team, watch out. Everyone out there reading this blog just know that the Ducks will be dangerous once we get the full squad together.We've managed to sign a few more pitchers to the roster to help bandage our problems, so I'm no longer worried.This team has the make up of a champion. 14 guys who can all hit and once our pitchers arive, it will arguably be the best pitching staff I've ever played with EVER. You thought Fago and Dunn were a tough combo, well wait til you see the other two we've brought along for the ride. 9 games don't make a season Ducks. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that matters is beating our conference and peaking at the end of the season. If we do both of those, there's no reason why we won't take the championship. This team HANDS DOWN has more talent than the last two champions. (I'm including my Owlz from '08)QUACK!–Cool


  9. Guthrie is one of the hottest Ducks around? Can a Ducks naked team calendar for charity be far off? Gwin – only one Eagle reading your blog? You gotta work harder. More rumors..


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